600☺ Why do I have to do CELBANPrep Level One? I just want to learn how to write a medical report.

Updated 2021

Dear Miss Kim,

Why do I have to take CELBANPrep Level One. I just need to take Level Two to learn how to write a reports.


Dear M,

Prior to 2019 both of the CELBAN Writing tasks were medical records, which are covered in CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. Because of this, I got asked this question all the time. But, with the more recent changes to the design of the CELBAN Task 1 has been changed. The style required for Task 1 is consistent with the conceptual framework of this exam. For this reason CELBAN Writing Task 1 is assessing your ability to:

  • Understand Information while
  • Interacting with Others with the intent of
  • Getting Things Done. 

What you are required to write is a persuasive piece. 

What is remarkable is that what I was formerly teaching for CELBANPrep Writing Level One was the foundation to the new CELBAN Writing Task 1. To understand more fully, let me tell you a story about how CELBANPrep Writing came to be.

How CELBANPrep Writing Came to Be

When I, Kim Kara, began to teach IENs (Internationally Educated Nurses) to prepare for the CELBAN in 2009: they did not know what to do. I would give them a case, and 20 minutes. Then I would watch them. Many different things happened, depending on the person. Either:

  • the person did not know where to start, or
  • the person began writing right away, but could not complete the report in time.

What happens to you when you write in a timed situation? Do you know where to start? Do your ideas form quickly and easily? Do you struggle with the wording? Or do you start right away and run out of time?

In the first class I taught, no one in the class knew how to use the time efficiently. And no one finished before the 20 minutes were over.

That is when and why I started teaching the test taking strategy of time management, that has become CELBANPrep Level One (lessons 1-4).  The wonderful thing is, people started to experience miracles:

So there are two goals for CELBANPrep Level One:

  1. to learn how to manage your time so you can write an organized piece of writing in 15 minutes, and
  2. to learn how to edit your own work so that you can increase your score.

That is why CELBANPrep Level One can be used to prepare for both Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2 of the CELBAN. Also, because these skills are transferable, you can also use them on the IELTS.

It takes time to achieve these two goals. Time. Practice. Dedication. Determination. 

Do you have these qualities? If not, then it is time to learn how to Master Your Psychology as one of the Secrets to Success on the CELBAN, which is available through CELBANPrep University.

Once people are able to manage their time efficiently, and to write without any errors in grammar and punctuation they qualify for CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. Here they apply what they have learned in Level One to a nursing context.

So, M. CELBANPrep Level One gives you the foundation for both CELBAN Writing Task 1 and Task. Then, CELBANPrep Level Two teaches you how to use these skills when writing in a medical context.

Taking them together allows you to increase your benchmark in writing so that you increase your score on the exam. And isn’t that what this is all about? Passing the exam? Taking both CELBANPrep Writing Level One and Two in tandum allows you to do exactly that: increase your score on the exam.

BTW, you might also want to read Why are there two levels for CELBANPrep.



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