2G* How I learned to write CELBAN reports in 20 minutes!

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much. Admittedly, I really had a hard time with this first incident report. It took me more than 20 minutes since I felt blocked mentally. I was away from the hospital set-up for over a year now. But, I tried creating more reports to refresh my memory and the rest sailed smoothly in terms of timing. I’m glad that I am doing fine — thanks to you. =)
Sincerely, J
Dear J.
Now you have really impressed me! What you experienced is why I began teaching CELBANPrep Writing online in the beginning. All of my clients kept asking for CELBAN material, CELBAN classes, CELBAN courses, and there were none. So with a M. Ed I decided I could teach.
For my first class on CELBAN Writing I would give a situation, based on the resources from the CELBAN Centre. Some people would have ideas, but if they did they could not finish in 20  minutes. Others had blank paper, not knowing what to write. I imaged that this is what happened to IENs taking the exam. So I have worked hard, over the years, refining the CELBAN Writing course lessons first focusing on getting ideas, then working on timing.
What you have written touches me deeply, telling me that what I have been teaching works! I would have never guessed you had problems with getting the ideas going. Once they flow, ensure you keep thinking and writing about incidences and assessments to keep the process going!Thank you so  much for taking the time to write.

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