Why is CELBANPrep online? How i can register for the CELBAN exam?

Hi kim,
ย I want to know if you have any office in Toronto because i want to attend ย preparatory classes, i also want to know how i can register for the CELBAN exam. Can you give me the contact number please. T
Dear T,

Although there are many institutions and schools offering preparation courses, all of the resources provided by CELBANPrep are online. The reason for this is many fold:

  1. being online decreases the cost. While the price of CELBANPrep is equal to the cost of other courses I can offer sales twice a month.
  2. being online makes the resources available when you are: whether you work the night shift, or if you are busy balancing work, family, school and yourself.
  3. being online allows me to teach people not only across the nation, but also around the world.
  4. being online makes it easier for mothers: they can do the lessons and assignments from home without having to worry about childcare and transportation.

Because I get asked this question all the time I have created several posts on my blog, Dear Kim, writing about each of these points.

Also, I caution you against registering for the exam, and taking it without preparation. I have written about this time and time again on Dear Kim, this link is to the MUST READ section. You only have three attempts to take the CELBAN, and your score will expire in two years so you need to have one chance available when it does expire. So really you only have two chances. Taking the exam without preparation, for many, is like throwing away a chance.

To register for an exam you have to go to http://www.celban.org to get information about CELBAN Testing Centres.

Please let me know what you think after reading some of the questions and answers on Dear Kim.



8 responses to “Why is CELBANPrep online? How i can register for the CELBAN exam?

  1. Hi Kim m from India I want to join Celban course and want to know about preparation material. Please guide me how I can register myself for classes. Kindly guide me because m so confused even I don’t have enough knowledge about test. Thanks

  2. Nancy rebuelta

    Dear kim,
    Good day!
    I just received my cinfirmation fir the june examination for CELBAN. I just want ti ask an online review or review materialss

    • Dear Nancy,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately this is not enough time for you to be able to prepare for a language exam. It takes time to learn a language, and more time to become familiar with the format of the exam. The fortunate thing about taking the CELBAN is that you will be notified of your strengths and weaknesses. Take this to heart; meaning pay attention to what you learn about your weaknesses so that you know what to focus on to turn them into strengths.
      Once you get your score, please contact me to let me know how you did!

  3. 2 years ago i took celban test but i didn’t pass. my scored was lis 5 writing 5 speaking 6 and reading 5 without any preparation .what can i do now .

    • Dear Jaap,

      Great question. In all actuality you should be proud of getting 5’s without preparation! Many people I know look forward to the day when they can get such high scores.

      What is important for you is to invest in yourself: spending both time and money on preparing for the exam. You only have three chances at taking the CELBAN, and your score will expire in two years, so it is really important for you to do everything possible to pass the exam the next time you take it. I recommend you get How to Prepare for the CELBAN at http://www.celban.info, if you have not already done so . It is free, with study guides and practice exams. Then I encourage you to focus on listening and reading. Think about getting the study guides for $4.99. (Go to reading.celbanprep.info and listening.celbanprep.info.) Take time doing the activities to increase your skills and timing. Spend at least 6 months working on these skills.

      Next, I recommend you spend 6 months, at least, focusing on advanced grammar. I have collected a list of books you can use: (http://iepcpress.onefireplace.org/Default.aspx?pageId=947761). By focusing on your grammar you increase your scores in writing, speaking and reading.

      I also have courses for writing and speaking. I recommend these too, but I encourage you to focus on your grammar, reading and listening first. Once you have increased your skills to 6’s and 7’s you will be ready for CELBANPrep Writing and Speaking courses.

      In the mean time, feel free to contact me with your questions and updates.


  4. hi kim, i took IELTS for 4 times already and i am so frustrated about the writing exam. it is really hard for me to get the score of 7. Now, i saw this site and changed my mind to take CELBAN instead, because this one is really more into nursing. Can I get a free sample tests so i would know the difference between IELTS and CELBAN. What is preferable and easier to take if you want to apply as LPN/RN in canada? CELBAN or IELTS? thanks.

    • Dear Loki,

      Thank you for writing. I understand your frustration. For many people, it takes a lot of work to increase the score on an English exam. It takes time and preparation. The thing I love about the CELBAN is all of the questions are about nursing, so you are actually being tested on your English and not your knowledge about other subjects.

      Please sign up for How to Prepare for the CELBAN at http://www.celban.info. It is a free resource with study guides and sample tests. Once you sign up, feel free to contact me!


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