How do I register for the CELBAN Exam Dates and locations? What happens when spaces are FULL?

Updated 2021

hi kim:

iam still practising  some of the tests sample,which takes a while as i have no internet acsess as i mentioned to you before ,but i found it so helpful .i have two questions for you if i want to register for the celban test how should i know which dates are available for registeration? for example i have looked at the upcoming schedule for test dates and locations,and i found that there are dates for january,february,and march ,but if i chose jan,and feb and both aren’t available will i need to apply new registeration with new dates or the registeration staff of celban will choose another date according to the availbility foe me?another thing according to the celban registeration form for the location there are only one space what if i want to write two different places is that possible? iam looking forward for your reply. thank you so much for your guidance and happy holidays!! M

Dear M,
I am glad that you find the CELBANPrep material helpful!

  1. To register for an exam, go to
  2. It often happens that the spaces for the exam are take, and times and dates at certain locations are FULL. When you register, you get to choose dates that are not full at the time of application, but by the time they get your registration arrives at the CELBAN Centre the spaces may already be filled.
  3. When registering for an exam you can choose several locations, people often travel to other provinces to take the CELBAN exam.
  4. That is when you want to take the exam in person. Another option, as of January 2021, is taking the CELBAN online. That is a different process. But, while the CELBAN-CBT has an online component there are limitations on how many people take the exam depending on how many assessors are available for the speaking portion of the exam. 

In the mean time it is important to continue to prepare for the exam, not only reading, writing, listening and speaking but also maintaining your motivation levels and Mastering Your Psychology. 

CELBANPrep is very adaptable to your schedule, regardless of your exam date with its Individualized Learning Plans and Monthly Subscription Extension Plans through the Compassionate Pricing Policy. By exploring these links you will discover what makes CELBANPrep Different.

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I hope this helps!


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