I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6…

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

I’m an internationally Educated Nurse (I have gotten my education in three different countries: Uzbekistan, Israel and USA)
I have settled in part of  Atlantic Canada and started registration process with Nurses Association. One of the necessary documents that I have to provide is CELBAN or IELTS test. Unfortunately, there is no any sources for CELBAN preparation in this part of Canada.Therefore I’m interesting in on-line sources for CELBAN preparation.I’m just 6 month in Canada and my CLB score is 5-6.I haven’t taken IELTS or CELBAN tests before.

Dear S,Welcome to both Canada and CELBANPrep! My first question I ask people, is about their score on previous or other English Proficiency exams. There is a reason for doing this. It allows me to know where a person is when it comes to English, and to assess how ready a person is to take CELBANPrep.

It is notable and commendable that you have such a great score. A 5 and 6 means that you are very comfortable with the language, and can get along quite well in every day life with a language level akin to high school. I am wondering, have you looked into the required scores to become a nurse? In most provinces the required scores on the CELBAN are: listening 10, reading 7, writing 7, speaking 8.

When most people look at that they think, oh it is only one or two points. But this is not so. There is a big difference in the language skill of a person with a 6, a 7, an 8. It takes lots of time, preparation and practice to increase a score by one point.

The difference between a 5-6 and a 7-8-10 is the difference between the vocabulary and writing skills of a person in high school compared to a person in University. In most provinces your English score is also a university entrance score, if you are required to take upgrading type courses. So it is very important to improve your English in all areas to a 7, to have the greatest success on the exam. At this point in time it may be better for you to look for local resources where you can work on your professional English language skills. I also recommend you check out:

I highly recommend the Preparation Guides for guidance on how to improve your vocabulary and speed by reading and listening to academic and medical sources. They can be found on Amazon and the Bookstore at the Information Centre of CELBANPrep University.

It will take time and practice to get your scores high enough to pass the CELBAN.

When you have improved your skill level, and have a greater confidence at an advanced level, then I would recommend you get a subscription to CELBANPrep University so that you can access the Resource Centre and the Learning Centre to prepare for the exam.

Alternatively you can choose to take the CELBANPrep 90 day Challenge, but because your scores are between a 5 and 6 you can expect to spend about a year improving your English skills before taking the exam.

During this time work hard and focus on your grammar to improve your score in reading, writing and speaking.

All of this is available at CELBANPrep University!


Save Time and Money. Explore CELBANPrep University.


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