YES! You can take the CELBAN exam at other sites, if your nearest location is full.

Updated 2021

Hello Kim,

Regarding the test dates, (I will be attending a free orientation regarding CELBAN here in Calgary, as I was trying to squeeze myself on the test dates that are already full until next year of May)  it’s the testing centre here in Calgary as posted on the CELBAN site: Immigration Language and Vocational Centre. Is there any testing centre that is conducted here in Calgary? I have little knowledge with CELBAN to be honest, it says there the test dates and says full. I hope this is wrong so I can still have hope in taking the exam by December or January. So I called that centre and asked if i have the chance to sit on the exam even if it’s already full, the lady said I can still register and take chances on the waiting list which I might be doing.
I think I would need help in writing, I need someone to correct me with my sentence construction and grammar as well. How much is the enrolment on this area, if i may ask?

Thank you again.


Dear Mary,

Thanks for the reply and information. Yes, this is the only center in Calgary. However, you can take the CELBAN exam at other test center sites, if your nearest location is full.
This is especially true for people living in locations where the CELBAN is available at locally approved sites, and are doing the exam face-to-face. The alternative is taking the CELBAN CBT, Computer Based Test, in the comfort of your home: if you have all the requirements. 
The online CELBAN, the CELBAN CBT, is done with an online proxtor watching you as you take the test.
When IENs could only take the CELBAN exam 3 times, I recommended that they ensure that they were confident that they would pass the exam before you take it. So being on a waiting list so you can take the exam before May is good.
But since the accouncement in January 2021 that the CELBAN was available online, things have changed:
  • You can take the exam more than 3 times, and
  • You can take it internationally. 

What that means is that it is really god for you to take the exam, the first time, as an experiment. You will be able to see:

  • where you are when it comes to reading, writing, listening and speaking,
  • the report they send you with your results telling you what you need to strengthen so that the next time you take the CELBAN test, you will do much better,
  • what skills you need to develop so that you choose your next teacher wisely. 
Spending your time well, in the mean time is wise. I smiled when you wrote, ” I need someone to correct me with my sentence construction and grammar as well.” That is exactly what the CELBAN Grammar Intensives are all about. 
  1. Volume 1 focuses on Nouns & Articles,
  2. Volume 2 focuses on Verbs & Verbals,
  3. Volume 3 focuses on Agreement Errors (People with weaknesses with nouns and verbs tend to have a lot of agreement errors. 
  4. Volume 4 focuses on sentence structure and punctuation

These volumes are companions to CELBANPrep Writing Level One (which is for Task 1). 


Save both time and money: Explore CELBANPrep University!

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