♥ I am thinking I am very weak in English.

Dear Kim,

To read your comments , [about my assignment for my writing tutoring] I  am thinking I am very weak in English. Sorry, I am consuming a lot of your’s precious time.  Thankyou for your patience.   Here, I am ready to work from starting and want to learn as you want to teach me. I might frustrate you with silly mistakes so please forgive me for that. I will work on this assignment as long as you think: I should be here. Wish you a great day.


ImageDear S,

You are not weak in English! You are learning English! You are not weak in English! You are in a different place from other people that have been speaking it for most of their lives, outside of Canada!

Indeed, you are not wasting my precious time if you appreciate it and you learn. My time is wasted when people do not value what I do, or they do not accept what I am offering.

It is because of your dedication to learning the language, and your consistent hard work that inspires me to learn more so I can help you more.

No, S, you are not wasting my time. I choose to spend time with you because of who you are and how much you demonstrate a true desire to learn with the humility it takes to both ask for and accept help and guidance.

I would not be offering to you this gift of time if you did not appreciate it, if you did not demonstrate such character.


6 responses to “♥ I am thinking I am very weak in English.

  1. Thank you so much this message it make me feel better, more confident and think about others, I’m not alone and there is more people with problems, and anything is possible if the encouragement we have and inspiration is inside me. I read this in a book:

    • Dear Maria,

      Thank you for your comments. It is exactly for this reason that I created Dear Kim, from my inbox to yours. I knew that there would be great comfort and assurance in reading the experiences of others: not just when things are going well but in the difficult times too.

      I love your quote! It is so important to dream and plan for the future, but also to enjoy today… and to realize who we are today is not just potential but kinetic and real!

      I am certain your comment and quote will be both inspiration and comfort to others!

      Have a most beautiful weekend! And thank you for reading and posting!


    • OH Yes , What I’m trying to said is if people didn’t have a dreams so how they will get a inspiration to keep going on your lives. Actually in Spanish people always think : *Keep your feets in the floor* It’s means don’t forget about your reality.
      I’m a mother of 3 kids and, not a perfect mother, but I’m trying to give all the best , and they give me so many things like Love, motivation and so much more. so this is Helping me a lot a lot…. and one day if I have the opportunity I can give so much back to others to because that’s what Nurses they suppost to do give *Attencion care ad much more,,,,, rigth…

    • Maria,
      Our children are truly a source of motivation, inspiration and love. None of us are perfect. We are not here to be perfect. We are here to learn and to grow and to become better people…leaving the world a better place than it was when we got here. I hope that when my journey in life is over I have done these two things! Continue to see the good in life around you and you will live a happy and successful life! Kim

  2. Dear S
    I can only say that Kim is an angel in disguise. Never give up hope, God is with you and always remember: YOU NEVER KNOW HOW STRONG YOU ARE, UNTIL BEING STRONG IS THE ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE


    • Dear R,

      Thanks for your words of support and encouragement! I love that quote. I am going to create a piece of art, and hang it on my wall!


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