♥ You made my dream come true…

Dear Kim,

It’s been awhile since I talk to you and I’m so sorry for that. I went for vacation for a month but it doesn’t mean that I forgot you.  You made my dream come true.  You know Kim,celbanprep  is the only reason why I got my license and permit to practice.  I tried ielts. So many times and wasted so much money but with no success. My celbanprep subscriptions (listening, reading,speaking and speaking) is the right and the best division I ever made.  You are such a blessings to us.  I already recommended  you to all my friends.  By the way, I have a good news, CARNA accepted my registration in Quebec. They require me to submit an active registration from other province and my employers reference with a minimum of 1250 hours of practice as an RN. Then after that they told me that I am eligible to apply for registration and practice permit..  I am very happy and celbanprep is one of the reason for that success and also with prayers.  Right now I am preparing to apply online. Once again, thank you very much for your help, understanding and patience. God will bless you more for your kind heart….


Dear MJ,

I am so very happy to hear from you. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to write to me. I am touched that you continue to remember me and to tell your friends about me and CELBANPrep.

Hearing your story brings my heart great cause to celebrate. When I started CELBANPrep I met so many IENs without hope, many who had lost ambition, several who simply did not believe in themselves. The path to licensure seemed so long and daunting. I had to do something to make that path smooth.. by taking out a bolder or two  and removing any dead trees that had fallen in the way. In reading your message I feel a deep sense of satisfaction to know that all of my hard work allowed you to fulfill your dreams of life in Canada: to be an RN here so that you can take care of your family both here and back home.

With all your hard work, your dedication, your ambition you deserve the very best out of life. You deserve to have someone standing by your side holding out a hand when you feel weak, encouraging you along when you feel that you can no longer continue, and celebrating with you your every success. It has been my pleasure and my privilege to be gifted with your willingness to allow me to walk with you along this path.

May all of your dreams of life in Canada be fulfilled: personally, financially, socially. May you find the peace, happiness, joy and pleasure of living in our most beautiful country. The people of Quebec are fortunate to have someone like you take care of their family and friends. And there is a great possibility that you will be taking care of my family who resides there. On their behalf I thank you for your courage to continue on this path when there seemed to be no hope. I thank you for your ability to continue when time after time you faced defeat. I thank you for believing enough in yourself and your dream to never give up. And I thank you for trusting me.

May you be blessed with so many blessings that you do not have enough room for them, so that you have an abundance to share.


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