♥ It has always been my dream to obtain my registered nursing in Canada.

It has always been my dream to obtain my registered nursing in Canada. I realized that there will be many obstacles to overcome and it will take a long time to achieve that goal. However I  strongly believe that one must remain focused and discipline oneself. In order to do this a person has to set specific time aside daily for studying. Do this by making a schedule. Try to remain focused  and avoid distractions like: unnecessary partying or socializing. The support of friends and family is vital. Maintain a balanced  lifestyle  between work, study and social life. Try to exercise and eat a well balanced diet. In conclusion this will all help to achieve your goal as a registered nurse in Canada.

NOTE: An Internationally Educated Nurse taking CELBANrep wrote this while learning how to write in a time constrained situation. It is a topic that most IENs I know struggle with, so I asked if I could post it here as motivation and inspiration. One thing I know about the writer is that this advice is embodied, and is the secret of success of passing the CELBAN after taking a CELBANPrep course. KK

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