I am interested in an one-on-one Speaking Consultation

Hi Kim I am interested on your one on one free speaking consultation. How will I do that? Thank you.

ImageDear J,

To answer your question I would like to give you the history of CELBANPrep Speaking. I began teaching Speaking in the classroom, one lesson one time a month. I would teach it in one hour. But I found I was doing much of the talking/teaching. I knew that the key to passing the CELBAN Speaking was to have each person practice.

After some time I expanded it to four lessons: one for each of the tasks. I began to send them to people, one lesson per week. When they finished I had them arrange for a one-on-one. An amazing thing happened! I did not have to teach. This time when we spoke, we spent the whole time with them practicing and me teaching them how to improve their score. And all it took was an hour.

With practice being key, more recently I have added the Conference Calls. They happen once a month and allow nurses from across the country to come together to meet each other, to learn and to practice. Often people connect with others and practice together.

I have been teaching CELBANPrep Speaking for many years now, and have found this collection of resources to be extremely successful in preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for CELBAN Speaking.

At the end of the day that means I do not do one-on-one consultations without the CELBANPrep Speaking course package (4 lessons in 4 weeks, conference calls and one-on-one consultation.) I have found this package to be much more efficient and successful at preparing IENs for the CELBAN. But don’t take my word for it, see what others are saying.

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Does this help?

One response to “I am interested in an one-on-one Speaking Consultation

  1. Dear Kim
    I want to appreciate you for the great conference call which you hold. It was amazing. It was my first time attending conference call, and I learned what is going on during speaking exam. I also have found my weaknesses in speaking part. In total, I have got a vivid image of the celban speaking session.

    Best Regards

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