$ Thinking of coming to Canada as a TFW, or know someone who is?

June 16, 2012 Global News 16:9 did an Encore Presentation entitled Disposable Labour about the true reality of coming to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker, or TFW.

It documents the excitement, the recruitment fees, the disappointment and the disillusionment, and the sadness of missing children that are still living back home.

High levels of debt, working illegaly, sexual assault and living in substandard housing were all issues faced by people who came to Canada with hopes and dreams.

VIDEO: 16:9 Disposable Labour

If you are thinking of coming to Canada as a TFW, or know someone who is, please share this video with them. Although not all situation are like this, no one wants this to happen to friends or family.

I have friends from the Philippines and Mexico that have come to Canada to work on farms or in the agricultural area. One worked on a pig farm. The other works in a greenhouse. One is treated respectfully, the other endured abuse and loss of dignity. Still, this person has continued with the immigration and licensure process and is now licensed.The other is content, as both her and her husband are treated well, as are their children who attend school in Canada. Now that the trials are over, both are happy: one with scars and one without. These stories are very true: showing both sides.

I know similar stories for people living in Canada as TFW with the Live in Care Giver program: some have had good experiences, others have not.

The moral of the story is to make wise choices. Be cautious. Be Aware. Be Smart.

Immigrate the right way. Don’t get cheated by a crooked immigration consultant.

Most importantly:

Use an accredited consultant!



P.S. If you are/were a TFW please comment.

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