Philippine Experience and the CELBAN

Dear Kim,

Last wesnesday, Our Instructor invited a speaker from CARNA, after her lecture Nurses had given time to ask some questions, I did not hold my emotion I cried when I was talking about how difficult for us as  an IEN to become an RN. when we leave our own countries having full of hopes. She said ” Give me your email you need support group and she said there is a Filipino support group here.”


Dear G,

One of the most amazing things about pain is that it allows us to feel empathy when others experience the same things that we do. We receive comfort and support. It is for this reason that this RN made the referral for you to a Filipino support group. In reading your message I was inspired to collect all the e-mails I have received from IENs in from the Philippines. I put them together and created a new tag on Dear Kim in the Quick Picks on the right. It is called: Philippines Experience with the CELBAN.

Now, each time I get an e-mail that I post on Dear Kim, from someone from the Philippines, I will add this tag, so that over time the collections of people from home will be in one place. In time I will do the same for people from all over  world. I hope that you find inspiration, encouragement and empathy as you read these posts. I have added a few below.



Are you a Filipino with a story to tell? Did reading these posts impact your life? Please send me a message or write a comment.



Hi Kim

I am from Cebu, Philippines and I’ve been here for 3 months already.  Well yes, Edmonton is our only stop (I arrive with my family).  I will be taking CELBAN for the first time this December 4 and I am quiet nervous because I don’t have any idea about this test, but I took IELTS twice already.The recent one was last Nov. 3, 2012.  I am really weak in the Writing part.  I scored L- 7.5-8, R- 7.5-8 W- 6-6.5 and S-7-7.5.  I am so frustrated because CARNA requires higher scores.  That’s why I really really need your help on this.  Thanks! E

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Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences of procrastination

Hi kim!

I came here in Edmonton October of 2008, an IEN from the Philippines.  I am currently working as LPN.  Edmonton is my first destination and we will settle here for good.  When I did my assessment last juneof 2011,  CARNA gave me two courses to take that can be finished in 2 months time.  I was not able to take my courses early due to bulk of students that are doing the bridging at the MRU.  Unfortunately my IELTS exam will expire this coming April 11.  I took the exam again but i was not able to meet the required score in writing.

I want to try my luck with CELBAN, I am takign the test this coming April 11 and 12.  My problem is, i dont have any idea of the exam.  The self assessment for the test that can be accessed at the CELAS website is not fix yet. I hope you can give me an idea about the test.


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If my language of instruction is English, in the Philippines, am I required to take the IELTS/CELBAN exam?

Dear Friends,

Hi, I’m a recent nurse graduate from the Philippines and worked in the hospital for 5 months. Recently, my family and I acquired the Canadian Visa and are now set to go to Canada on August 27th. Just a question though, if my school’s language of instruction is English (and considering that English is widely spoken here in our country, nursing textbooks and exams are in that language as well and I’m comfortable speaking/writing in that medium), am I still required to take the IELTS/CELBAN exam? I am really anxious about my future as a nurse there and would like to work as soon as possible.

Hoping for some guidance.

Miss D

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No matter how long it takes I will not give up.

When I came in Canada I felt so blessed and happy because I believed that my dreams are much more achievable here. One of my greatest dream is to become a registered nurse in Canada. But to become a registered nurse here, one of the challenge I will face off is to pass an English proficiency exam before the regulatory body assess my documents and get an opportunity to take a nursing board examination.

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I did my Celban last May without any preparation or any study guide

Hi Kim, I am from Philippines and just came 2 months here in Canada
I did my Celban last May  without any preparation or any study guide.My score in Listening is 7, Reading 8 Writing 6 and speaking 7 . I was frustrated and I’m planning to take again on November 2012. J

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What Matters Most ~ The Philippine Homestay Experience by Flipflop

Life is so simple; yet with the development, it seems not.

A while ago, I read something about the home stay experience of travelers in the Philippines. They had this program in which you can experience living with the Filipinos in Bohol. What you will experience is not only beautiful scenes in the island of Bohol but also  a one of a kind and authentic Filipino experience. You will learn a lot of things in the life of simple Filipinos. And the exciting thing is, you can learn the things they do in their daily lives: their home, work, and daily chores. Furthermore, you can experience being part of the activities in the community. In short, you will get to live and be with them for days of your travel in the Philippines.

In the end, what is really fascinating about is your self-realization in life. At the end of the day, you will appreciate what you have and you will be humbled by these experiences. Things are not so important to them, but it is the simplicity of life. It is where family, friends and a sense of community is more important than material things.

Written by an IEN for an CELBANPrep Writing Assignment.

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Thinking of coming to Canada as a TFW, or know someone who is?

June 16, 2012 Global News 16:9 did an Encore Presentation entitled Disposable Labour about the true reality of coming to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker, or TFW.

It documents the excitement, the recruitment fees, the disappointment and the disillusionment, and the sadness of missing children that are still living back home.

High levels of debt, working illegaly, sexual assault and living in substandard housing were all issues faced by people who came to Canada with hopes and dreams.

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I keep procastinating if i will go back to be a nurse again

Dear Kim,
I been here in Canada since November 2005.I’ve been working as a caregiver when i came here.I keep procastinating if i will go back to be a nurse again since i did’nt practice when i left my native country Philippines. I worked iin Tiawan as assistant nurse for 5 years  at Psychiatric hospital and Nursing home.But i practiced my Rn degree way back home for almost 3 years.I wish to came back to my profession but i don’t know how. I try to take IELTS But it doesn’t worked for me i got a low score for every subject. Its my foult anyway because i didn’t practiced before i take it.But know i realy want and eager to be on my profession.Wishing this will be the way to be a nurse in Canada. Thank you for your program and hope it will work for me. Have a nice day…..
Respectfully yours;

It means to us that someone like you listens and cares

Dear Kim
Thanks for all the information you sent me.  After two weeks of waiting and whining about how hard the listening test was, I received the test result yesterday and guess what… I actualy PASSED it.  I got a 10 in Listening, a 9 in both reading and speaking and 7 in writing.  It’s still not bad for my writing, though because  all I care about is passing the test. And I’m so glad I did.
I really appreciate all your help and that last minute sample of the listening tests.  Have a happy valentine’s day and more power!
Regards, MC

You’re positive comment boosted our confidence to believe in ourselves

Hi Kim,
How are you???sorry if i didnt get the chance to write you back…i was occupied with a lot of things especially for taking my crne exams this coming june! yes Kim…I made it! And thanks for the help and support as well as all your advices that helped me a lot to pass on my celban exam…Thanks also for the christmas presence..thats so sweet!!!…i love it…the card was touching!..I wish that you will continue to teach lots of nurses  to achieve what their goals….you’re positive comment boosted our confidence to believe in ourselves…thank you so much!
By the way, Im in Philippines right now for a month…relaxing and discovering lots of tourist spots which i cannot count anymore…lol…take care always and God Bless you Kim..

Sincerely Yours,V

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