♥ No matter how long it takes I will not give up.

When I came in Canada I felt so blessed and happy because I believed that my dreams are much more achievable here. One of my greatest dream is to become a registered nurse in Canada. But to become a registered nurse here, one of the challenge I will face off is to pass an English proficiency exam before the regulatory body assess my documents and get an opportunity to take a nursing board examination.

No matter how long it takes I will not give up. This is the only way for me to help my family and bring them in a safe, secure and worry-free life. The second thing that I want to achieve is to buy a good house. I am not asking for a big house, just a simple one where 5 people could live at the same time. My parents are getting old too so it’s up to them if they want to stay with me or they want to live in the Philippines. I am also planning to petition some of the relatives that I have in the Philippines because I believed that as long as you work hard and govern yourself as a discipline and educated person things are not impossible to achieve.

(Written Assignment submitted by a subscriber to CELBANPrep Writing for the Writing Tutorial.


Dear Kim,

Thank you for your patience and dedication to help an International Educated Nurse like me. Your kindness and courage touched my heart every time I read some article or responses that you replied to the other student loosing hope like me. Like what I’ve told you before I will never give up on CELBANprep. I trust you because you believe us that we can pass the CELBAN if we will continue to find our way to learn and pursue our dreams to become a RN in Canada.  I know that we, as your students are a big part of your dreams. Your job is not just a business. You include your heart and dedication to help us and our family. Your principle and dreams will surely appreciate not only by your students but including our families. Once again, Kim… THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Dear G,

I did not know that you had been in a place of losing hope. I don’t have any doubt that you and everyone else I meet can pass the exam: it is simply a matter of time and practice. Some people need more time, some people less time, but all people need to practice.

I thank you for trusting me… someone you have never met in person! I thank you for being courageous enough and humble enough to accept my guidance and work on your grammar. I thank you for you giving yourself that gift of time and dedication.

Your words touched my heart deeply. I am so moved by the fact you took the time to write this. Donald Trump loves to say, “Its not personal, it’s business.” But there are other people that build businesses based on social awareness where business begins with the person. So you are indeed a big part of my dreams, you and everyone else who trusts me enough to allow me to walk on the journey towards licensure. I thank you for allowing me to join you. I thank you for taking note of my dreams, and I thank you for helping me to reach them as you pass each exam and each stage before you. I so look forward to celebrating your achievements!


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