☺ My [CELBAN] result will expire this April…

Hi Kim,

Good day to you.

How are you? It’s R from … Alberta. I just want to ask if you have any review materials on sale right now, please let me know. I need the writing, reading & listening review materials if you have. I am planning to take the Celban this yr. hopefully this June. My result will expire this April and I need to submit a new one for Carna.

Hope to hear from you Kim.

Respectfully yours,


j0444389[1]Dear Friend,

It really happens! Like this IEN, your CELBAN results will expire in two years. Two years ago R took CELBANPrep to prepare for the CELBAN. It is now two years since she took and passed the exam. And here she is, needing to take the exam again. What does it mean to you that she came back to me and CELBANPrep to help her to prepare? It says a lot to me.

If you want success, do what successful people do!

I admire R’s attitude. She knows that she is limited in how many times she can take the CELBAN. And she knows what kind of support she will get from subscribing. More than that, she is not overconfident about it. While she has every reason to feel confident about passing the exam, because she already did two years ago, she is not taking a chance. She is creating her outcome by the choices she is making. She is not gambling with her chance at taking the CELBAN. Nor is she waiting until the last minute.

  • She is planning ahead.
  • She is assembling resources and support.
  • She is taking a proven path.
  • She is working diligently towards her goal.
  • She is planning ahead, and giving herself enough time to prepare.
  • She is avoiding the CELBAN Trap!

I know that she will strive to do her assignments to prepare her self for the exam. How do I know that?

Someone who has this much foresight, planning and initiative is bound for success. It is the natural fruit of the labor.

She is a shining example to others of success. R is not waiting for her dreams to be fulfilled. No, instead R is working to make them happen! How excited I am to work with her again!

Remember, you only get three chances to take the CELBAN, and your exam will expire in two years, but it will take longer than that to become a nurse, so you will need your final attempt to be available in two years when your exam expires.

Make each attempt count!

For more information about CELBANPrep please go to http://www.celbanprep.info. Discover what others already know!



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