What can you recommend as the best bundle … for celban that i can purchase?

Updated 2021

Hi! What can you recommend as the best bundle package reviewer for celban that i can purchase?


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Dear K,
This is a great question. I get it asked all the time, along with, “How much does it cost.” The thing is, K, because CELBANPrep has been created on Canadian education system that honours individuality (student and learner centred education) the answer is, “It depends.”

What does it depend on?Β 

  1. Your baseline score.
  2. Your finances.
  3. The amount of time you have.
  4. Your preferences.Β 

More than not the answer comes down to you deciding: do you want to do self-studies or a course? One is cheaper than the other, but one requires more motivation and discipline than the other.Β 

So, CELBANPrep has been created in stages.Β 

A. Self-Study

  1. Start with getting more information about what we offer at the Information Centre.Β 
  2. Expand that knowledge through experiential learning through the Resource and Learning Center.Β 

B. Courses

  1. Secrets to Success, which is a prerequisit to…
  2. the CELBANPrep 90 Day Challenge.Β 

So there is one stream for everyone. You can continue on that stream, or you can get off at any point.Β 

  • Some people simply do the self-study.
  • Others go through the whole process and complete the two courses.Β 

The decision is up to you.Β 

  • How much time do you have?
  • How disciplined, focused, organized and motivated are you?
  • How much are you willing to invest in your future.Β 

The best, in my opinion, is going through the entire process. I would not have invested hundreds of hours creating the lessons, the videos, the assignments, the graphics, the schedules, the websites if I did not believe in what I was doing: making the path smoother for you.Β 

But, the choice is up to you.Β 

Where do you start?Β 

At the beginning: at the Information Centre. Then expand to the Resource and Learning Center. Then decide: will you stop there or will you continue along your path?Β 

Either way, I have created options for you that your path to becoming a licenced medical professional in Canada is supported and sustained to the best of my ability.Β 



Save Time and Money.Β Explore CELBANPrep University.

6 responses to “What can you recommend as the best bundle … for celban that i can purchase?

  1. Hi Kim,
    This is A.D… how could I avail of that promo which is 70% off? And also, the reading and listening which is only 4.99$? Thanks. I hope to hear from you very soon.

    • Dear AD.

      With the popularity of CELBANPrep, Sales during the 2013 year have been limited. I had so many people subscribe to CELBANPrep in January that only two sales followed: one in February and one in May. Both were limited seating.

      As I will be creating courses for reading and listening over the summer, there will be no sales until September. Again, the spaces will be limited.

      The benefit of paying full price is a guarantee that you have a space.

      Sales are usually pretty low, but not usually 70% off. The regular price for reading and listening study guides is $4.99. Please go to http://www.reading.celbanprep.info or http://www.listening.celbanprep.info for more information.

      I hope this helps, A.D!

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  3. Pingback: Is it easier to practice online because i never studied online before | Dear Kim

  4. Baljit Sandhu

    Dear kim, can you please tell me how much is your fee to prepare celban for 1 month and also tell me is it easier to practice online because i never studied online before so i m confuse that what should i do . Β  thanks kim. baljit


    • Dear Baljit,
      Wow that was fast! I just posted this question and answer!
      First, I recommend the free resources at http://www.celban.info. Here you will get a self assessment for writing, and practice tests for reading and listening with a study guide for speaking.
      Second, I recommend you go to http://www.celbanprep.info to find out about the for fee resources. You will find out more about the courses (4 lessons in 4 weeks for Speaking, 8 lessons in 8 weeks for Writing and the study guides and practice exams for reading and listening.) NOTE some people need longer to pass the mid session exam for writing and may take longer to complete the course.

      Now that you have the background information, on to your real question. As you have already discovered Dear Kim please review the tags: writing reports, how it works and thank you. Here you will discover answers from what other people have to say about CELBANPrep.

      Is it easier to practice online?

      Originally I taught 4 classes in a classroom: one class for each skill. I discovered with the busy lives of nurses working shift work no one could attend all four classes. Yet I have developed one lesson for each task for speaking and eight lessons for writing. That is 12 lessons. If people can not attend 4 lessons how could they attend 12?

      The answer is online. With all of the resources and the posting of assignments online, everyone can study at each person’s individual pace based on individual schedules and preferences. An IEN working 3-11 can post assignments at midnight. A mom getting up to feed baby at 4:00 and not able to get back to sleep, can read her lesson then. Someone travelling home to take care of family or attend a wedding, can continue his or her studies.

      With everything online, you don’t have to pay for books, and extra costs for the facility.

      For writing you get a writing coach, who works with you on your writing assignments in the same way you write e-mails. For speaking you get to attend conference calls, in the same way you talk to people back home on Skype.

      Basically, you already engage in the same activities that have been integrated into CELBANPrep. Why? Because it works. CELBANPrep is available where you are, when you are.

      Finally, if you are still not sure contact people who have commented on Dear Kim or who show in their comments on Facebook that they have subscribed to CELBANPrep. Ask them, is it easy to practice online? They will tell you CELBANPrep is easy to follow, and it takes time management to make the time to practice.

      Taking the CELBAN without preparation can be detrimental. See my tag: WARNING.

      I hope this answers your question, Baljit!


      P.S. It is such a great question I will be posting it as its own post! KK

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