3G* I would like to ask about writing and speaking if you can give me free prep.

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
You are of great help. I would like to ask about writing and speaking if you can give me free prep… I hope to hear from you and I started doing the reading and listening prep and making a good job on it.


2021 UPDATE 

Dear Maria,

Since you wrote, in 2012 there have been so many changes.

Because I have been preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for the CELBAN for over ten years, since 2009, I have created: CELBAN classes, CELBAN courses, CELBAN material. All are available at various price points. And yes, some are available for free. All are available through CELBANPrep University.  

This is a list of all of the resources from CELBANPrep Publishing and CELBANPrep University available for FREE:

  1. The CELBAN Grammar: Pre-test
  2. CELBAN Vocabulary: Medical Collocations
  3. The CELBAN or IELTS Study Planner
  4. The CELBANPrep Study Planner
  5. The Unsuspecting Newcomer and the CELBAN
  6. Disillusioned Dreamers and the CELBAN
  7. Busy People and the CELBAN

But, not only that, there is more: CELBAN Quizzes, CELBAN Master Classes, etc. 

Invest In Your Self and Your Future

But, while I have your attention, I would like to share a little about the CELBANPrep Suite.

When it comes to CELBANPrep CELBANPrep Writing and CELBANPrep Speaking there are two parts:

  1. CELBANPrep Publishing: The Textbooks and Workbooks are now available in print with the lessons and assignments that focus on preparing for different task on the exam. For instance there are four tasks for CELBAN Speaking, so for CELBANPrep there are four lessons: one for each task.
  2. CELBANPrep University – that provide you access to the teaching CELBAN videos (like how you used to get CDs and DVDs) and you also get access to more writing samples that could not be included in the book.

NOTE: It is not possible to give you free preparation for speaking (or writing) for two reasons: tasks can not be taught in less time than in four lessons for speaking and eight lessons in writing; and, preparing for these task requires a content creator who must be paid, in the same way you as a nurse must be paid. Will you be working for free as a nurse? Then why would you expect someone to prepare you for the CELBAN for free?

Maria, I have done the best that I can to provide free resources.

But, at the end of the day, Maria, you have a decision to make: are you worth the investment in yourself?

By investing in yourself, by taking CELBAN preparation classes, and paying for CELBAN preparation courses: you are investing in your future.

By investing in yourself you are saving both time and money so that when you take the CELBAN you are both prepared and confident.

With this confidence you will perform to the best of your ability.

I can not guarantee that you pass, because that depends on how much you practice and how well you do, but I can guarantee that you feel more confident and prepared than if you go into the exam without a paid CELBAN course, and/or paid CELBAN class, so that you walk out of that exam feeling proud of yourself instead of insecure like other people.

At the end of the day you save money, because you are prepared and perform to the best of your ability on the exam.

You save time, because you are not wasting time on attempts at the CELBAN.

At the end of the day taking a prep class allows you to progress in your licensure process faster than if you are walking on this path alone.

At the end of the day you need to decide which path to take; you need to decide if you are a worthy investment. Your family believes you are. The question is do you think you are a worthy investment?

I wish you the very best in your process, Maria.



5 responses to “3G* I would like to ask about writing and speaking if you can give me free prep.

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  2. hi could you please tell me about Kim.who’s she? i really want to do my celban for canada.i am going to write my exam in jan 2013.please help me.

    • Dear Meena,

      Great Question! I have never been asked this before. My name is Kim. I have a Bachelor in Science and a Master in Education. When I was doing my Master degree I got a job working in the employment center on campus. I learned that I loved teaching people about career topics, and I enjoyed working in career development. After graduating I worked at an employment centre with professional immigrants, including nurses. That was when I began teaching a preparation class that eventually became CELBANPrep. CELBANPrep had had 4 versions, each one getting better. I have worked with thousands of nurses, each with a one-on-one element.
      January 2013 is a great goal. You have lots of time to prepare. But don’t delay. It will be here before you know it. Please consider CELBANPrep. for more information go to http://www.celbanprep.info.

      Have a great day, Meena!

  3. Dear Maria
    I have been a student of Kim. I can only say one thing, investing on the celban course online is and will be one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Kim is a phenomenal teacher, further more she goes the extra mile to be there for her students. I , just like you, was very reluctant to enroll for celban online, but in the end I have gained so very much. Please give your self the chance. The courses online are reasonably priced and worth every penny. I pray to god that he will guide you onto the right path.


    • Dear Rieds,

      Your support for other Internationally Educated Nurses and for me with CELBANPrep is … can you believe it I can not find the words! It is so wonderful to know that someone really understands what I am doing and is willing to take the time to support me in doing so by letting other IENs know about your experience. People reading your comments may wonder if you are being paid to make these comments. What makes reading your comments so touching is knowing that you are not being paid but choose to write these comments to others who are trying to decide whether they should take the risk, or not, in taking CELBANPrep.

      I am so grateful to you, Rieds.


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