CELBANPrep is Available Internationally!


CELBANPrep available internationallyDear Kim,

Please I have another question. (First question was answered in:ย What is the Word Count on the CELBAN Exam?)ย  Amazon does not ship or sell your materials to Finland. Is it possible to add Finland to countries Amazon can ship the materials to?


NOTE This post is for anyone that lives in a country that is not listed here:

Learn how to purchase CELBANPrep Print Replicas even if the Amazon store has not been created for your nation.

Instructions are given for you to access your CELBANPrep Kindle Print Replica.

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Dear A,

Oh to have that kind of Power!ย 

The decisions of where Amazon opens new sites, and where they ship things to is based on their services and business.ย ย You might ask why I would choose them, then, for CELBANPrep. The answer is because I started selling e-books with them in 2011. Back then I was mostly selling in Canada. But Amazon has, and will continue to expand. (But now I have sales in India, Japan, Germany, the US and so on.) Purchases through Amazon can now be made in 100 nations!!!

I chose Amazon because they has Print Replicas which are e-books with embedded videos. Videos are vital to how I teach CELBANPrep. It allows me to demonstrate skills visually and auditorily. This was very important to me.

So, one clarification, A: did you realize the CELBANPrep resources are Print Replica e-books: that means there is nothing to ship.

It is a download to your Kindle App. Can you access Kindle Apps in Finland? (Desktop/Tablet/Phone).

Step One: Access Your Kindle App.

(Can you download the Kindle App in your nation?)

Here is a link to using the Amazon Shopping app to shop internationally: in 100 countries.

If so you may be able to make a purchase through the app; but, I am not sure if Amazon reads your IP address and decided if you qualify or not. There is an Amazon in the Netherlands. I would think you could access that? www.Amazon.nl.ย CELBANPrep is available there too. I hope this helps; and, Ada, please let me know! I will post this on Dear Kim once we figure out accessibility for you!ย ๐Ÿ™‚ย KKCP2018K

BTW A, from all my years of experienceย and what I have seen hundreds and thousands of IENs experience here in Canada; it is sooo much better to prepare for the exam back home, or while registered as a nurse elsewhere. Maintaining your dignity while being paid a professional salary, and having friends and family for support, is a blessing that people do not recognize until they don’t have it! KK

Dear Kim,
I downloaded the kindle app, unfortunately there is no content.
I just asked a friend in UK to help me purchase and mail them to me. Though it’s going to cost me more but I don’t mind. The end-point is my aim which is achieving the required score once.

STEP 2. Using Your App,

Make a Purchase.

Dear A,

As ebooks, A, even if your friend in the UK buys it, it is an ebook… so it can not be sent.

When it comes to the Kindle App, there is no content if you have not purchased anything.

  • What happens when you open your app and click on the “Kindle Store” cart?
  • Which website does it take you too?
  • What happens when you search CELBANPrep?
  • Will it allow you to make a purchase?


Dear Kim,

I purchased the CelbanPrep e-book using kindle app for PC.

  • First, i downloaded kindle app for PC. You can as well download in another device.
  • Then sign in or create your Amazon account.
  • I purchased the e-book using UK site (https://myiepc.ca/UKย ) which shows the price in British Pounds.
  • I paid using my bank details wherein i saved in Amazon account, and it automatically converted to Euro as i made the payment. The CelbanPrep textbook was delivered to my kindle app soon i made the payment as it is e-book.
I hope this will help someone out there. Thank you Kim for putting together these informations in your book. I hope to give my testimony soon.

What this means, dear reader, is that CELBANPrep is available internationally through one of the Amazon stores, even if the Amazon store has not been created for your nation.ย  In Fact, purchases through Amazon can now be made in 100 nations!!!

  • When you open your Kindle App.
  • Sign in.
  • Kindle will automatically take you to the Amazon website designated for your area!
  • Or, check out the details on how to use the Amazon International Shopping App.

Mind You: Print Replica E-books, with embedded videos and graphics are heavier than other types of e-books. They may take longer to download.

Gratitude goes out to A for taking the time to share her process with me. I thank you, A, for your willingness to share your story so that other IENs can follow your footsteps.

That is how CELBANPrep has been created, since the beginning. Each step has been refined by the Internationally Educated Nurses that have come before you. Each one, looking back and extending a hand to those who follow.

I would not be where I am today without any of you!

My heart is filled with gratitude.



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