CELBANPrep Available in 100 Countries!!!

CELBAN Prep available in 100 Countries

Dear Friends,

Did you know that CELBANPrep is available in 100 Countries!!!

There are four easy steps:

  1. Verify that your nation is listed among the 100 Amazon serves.
  2. Get your FREE Amazon Shopping App
  3. Get Your FREE Kindle App
  4. Make a Purchase

It is that easy!


This list comes directly from Amazon. The countries in bold have national Amazon websites.

Africa and Middle East

Bahrain Jordan Nigeria Saudi Arabia
Egypt Kenya Oman South Africa
Israel Kuwait Qatar United Arab Emirates
Ghana Morocco Mauritius Namibia
Reunion Tanzania Mayotte Zimbabwe


Bermuda Colombia Mexico Uruguay
Brazil Costa Rica Panama Venezuela
Canada Ecuador Peru Bolivia
Chile Guadeloupe Trinidad and Tobago Barbados
Micronesia French Guiana Jamaica Saint Martin

Asia and Pacific

Australia Indonesia Malaysia South Korea
China Japan New Zealand Taiwan
Hong Kong Kazakhstan Philippines Thailand
India Macao Singapore New Caledonia
Fiji Cambodia Sri Lanka Marshall Islands


Austria Germany Luxembourg Serbia
Belgium Greece Malta Slovakia
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Slovenia
Cyprus Iceland Netherlands Spain
Czech Republic Ireland Norway Sweden
Denmark Italy Poland Switzerland
Estonia Latvia Portugal Turkey
Finland Liechtenstein Romania United Kingdom
France Lithuania Russia Saint Barthélemy
Andorra Albania Bosnia And Herzegovina Gibraltar
Croatia San Marino Vatican City


  • There may be limitations on where and whether Amazon Marketplace sellers offer international shipping. For more information, go to Seller Supported Countries
  • Your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which your order ships. These charges are always the recipient’s responsibility. For more information, go to About Import Fees Deposit or About Customs, Duties & Taxes.

CELBANPrep Print Replica E-books are downloads and do not require shipping and handling.


This is a listing of CELBANPrep resources that are available on each national site:

Please note:

When you purchase CELBANPrep Reading or Listening Complete, you will need to purchase a membership at http://www.CELBANPrep.info to access the Test and Answer Booklets, for a nominal fee. (As downloadable printables, they could not be included in the e-books.) 

Feel free to explore a thread from Facebook that inspired this post, from yesterday, CELBANPrep is Available Internationally

Remember: Print Replica E-books, with embedded videos and graphics are heavier than other types of e-books. They may take longer to download.

3 responses to “CELBANPrep Available in 100 Countries!!!

  1. Hi Kim,

    I have a concern with regards to the e-book reading that I purchased thru Amazon. I was trying to access the printable test booklets but the celbanprep.info site is asking for a code. I just would like to know where to access the code.

    Hoping for a favorable response.


    • Dear Carina,
      Thanks for your message. I am sorry my reply is so late. I recently moved and everything was put on hold for a while.
      Ok. So you purchased the Complete from Amazon. Yes. Good. You went to http://www.celbanprep.info to get the membership to access the printables. And you were asked for a code. Hmmm

      Ok.. SO I logged into the website and I don’t have you as a member. I checked your email address too.

      Ok. I did something for you. You should have a separate e-mail. Consider it my Christmas Gift.

      Oh… hey… you just gave me an idea! 🙂 Thanks!


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