CELBAN Preparation in Singapore and Internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Singapore

Dear Kim,

Hi, my apology if i haven’t get back to you right away, quite busy these days. By the way, i’m from the philippines and a registered nurse there. However, I ‘m currently working in singapore as an enrolled nurse. and i’m processing my papers to migrate in canada unfortunately, the visa application has been hold.

Anyway, before stepping into canada i am doing research on how to apply as a registered nurse. IELTS is one of the requirements and actually I have tried many times in academic for ielts but i can’t make it and there is an option which is the CELBAN ( hope this will suit me).

I hope I can gain some information about this coz i don’t have any idea on this and will pass the exam on the appointed time.

Thanks for having this program for free. God bless



Dear J,

Welcome! It is great that you contacted me from Singapore before migrating to Canada. Although your process has been postponed, I encourage you to see it as a gift of time. While many people begin preparing for their licensure process to become a nurse in Canada once they land, it really is best to start the process and do as much as possible from overseas: especially when it comes to the English Proficiency exams.

Doing as much as you can to improve your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking when it comes to grammar, accuracy, speed and vocabulary are so very important.

This is a list of what is available on Amazon through CELBANPrep:

Life as an immigrant in Canada can be especially stressful, many people struggle with managing time to be able to study. I honestly believe that preparing for an English exam while making a good wage, surrounded by the support of friends and family is a smoother path than trying to so the same while making minimum wage and dealing with the heartache and loneliness of homesickness ~ even if it is not one’s first home.

I have written a to others, who have contacted me from overseas. I encourage you to read what they wrote, and my replies to them. I believe that many of your questions will be answered in this way.


As for the question about the CELBAN or IELTS, I get that asked often. You can read what I have written here: CELBAN or IELTS. Also, checkout the resources that I have created to help you to prepare regardless of which exam you take: The CELBAN or IELTS Series. There are so many people that can’d decide what to do, so now there are resources available regardless!

I am also going to recommend that you read WARNING: Avoid The CELBAN Trap!. EVERYONE should know about the CELBAN trap before taking the exam!

As for becoming more familiar with the CELBAN exam,

Though Amazon, CELBANPrep is actually available in 100 countries: including the Singapore!

Although you have a busy schedule, I hope you will take time to read the articles provided. Then, I hope you will consider taking your gift of time and preparing as much as you can from where you are. Using CELBANPrep Print Replicas available through Amazon: there in Singapore is a great way to start!

Please comment to let me know what you think after checking CELBANPrep out. And please, write a review!



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