📋 #4 CELBAN Preparation in Dubai 🇦🇪 UAE, 🇶🇦 Qatar, 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia and Internationally

Updated 2023

Dear Kim,
Good morning. ..Thank you very much for the reply regarding CELBAN.
I am currently residing in Abudhabi, U.A.E since last 8yrs, working as Registered Nurse in OR, in one the reputed hospitals in U.A.E.
Basically l am from the Southern  part of India, Kerala. I hold the Canadian PR from 2010.But I stayed there in CA, only for a sum of 2-3 months.Actually Abudhabi is my first stop outside India.

I tried IELTS few times,after having the coaching class in India in 2004.Recently I received an IELTS score of overall 7.0(L-7.5, R-6.5, W-7,S-6.5).Unfortunately for CNO, they need a 7.0 band in speaking.

I will be relocated in March.I successfully completed the CRNE.[Now the NCLEX is required.]  For the process of registration completion, l need either IELTS/CELBAN.

I have done the free self assessment for the CELBAN, (R-8 and L-9).So I need further assistance in CELBAN preparation. How can I register myself for the CELBAN prep? Is there any form to be filled out?
I need a positive reply before the offer expires.

Thank you again and expecting a reply as early as possible.

With regards, L

CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates

Dear L,

Let me congratulate you on passing the CRNE [the Board exam required before the NCLEX]! This is not an easy feat! Also congratulations on such a great score on the IELTS. I know it is not high enough, but it is a great score.

[For updates on the process of becoming a nurse in Canada check this out:  National Nursing Assessment Services, NNAS.]

This is where you will get answers to the following questions:

What is the passing score for nurses on the CELBAN?

    • What is the score for NNAS?

    • What is the CELBAN band score? 

    • What is the CELBAN passing score?

    • What are the CELBAN score requirements for nurses?

    • What is the CELBAN score for CNO?

Also, let me congratulate you on progressing on your path to becoming a nurse from UAE! By doing this you have decreased a great deal of stress and frustration in your life. To understand better please read:

Your scores in listening and reading are excellent. I do recommend you access as many CELBAN courses, CELBAN classes, CELBAN material and CELBAN reviewers as possible through CELBANPrep University.

As for resources, I would recommend all of the CELBANPrep Suite:
  • CELBANPrep Bronze for beginners who need CELBAN information.
  • CELBANPrep Silver for people who have taken the CELBAN and want CELBAN material.
  • CELBANPrep GOLD for people who want to prepare for their career as a healthcare professional in Canada through CELBAN preparation course.
NOTE: The CELBAN Preparation books (textbooks, workbooks and e-books) are available internationally through Amazon. The teaching and learning videos are available through CELBANPrep University: www.HowToPrepareForCelban.com.

The great thing about CELBANPrep is that you can do your studies in UAE with all of the CELBAN courses, CELBAN classes and CELBAN material are available online!

SEE: CELBAN Preparation Internationally

Though Amazon, CELBANPrep is actually available in 100 countries: including the UAE!

All the best!

apply-dkIncrease your Score: Save both time and money! Explore CELBANPrep University. 

7 responses to “📋 #4 CELBAN Preparation in Dubai 🇦🇪 UAE, 🇶🇦 Qatar, 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia and Internationally

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  4. Good day,

    Please is there any CELBAN testing centre in UAE?

  5. Dear Kim,

    Once again I want to thank you for the blog and articles you shared with me. Now, my mind was clear and regained eagerness to study.

    By those inspiring words that I had read that almost similar on my situation. I was encouraged to start preparing now for celban. I don’t want to waste my time. Since, you told to your students that it take about 6 months to prepare and it depends upon everyone weaknesses.Also, we have only three chances to take the celban. Moreover, I far as I understood that there is no difference in celbanprep review wherever I am either in canada or UAE. Maybe this is the best time to start now because I knew that I cannot give my full attention to review when I’m still new in canada. I need to adjust with the culture, climate etc. My plan is to take celban as soon as possible after I arrive and maybe on September or October this year.I hope I can make it.

    Anyway, thank you for your advice.


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