300 – CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE and internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates

Dear Kim,
Good morning. ..Thank you very much for the reply regarding CELBAN.
I am currently residing in Abudhabi, U.A.E since last 8yrs, working as Registered Nurse in OR, in one the reputed hospitals in U.A.E.
Basically l am from the Southern  part of India, Kerala. I hold the Canadian PR from 2010.But I stayed there in CA, only for a sum of 2-3 months.Actually Abudhabi is my first stop outside India.

I tried IELTS few times,after having the coaching class in India in 2004.Recently I received an IELTS score of overall 7.0(L-7.5, R-6.5, W-7,S-6.5).Unfortunately for CNO, they need a 7.0 band in speaking.

I will be relocated in March.I successfully completed the CRNE.[Now the NCLEX is required.]  For the process of registration completion, l need either IELTS/CELBAN.

I have done the free self assessment for the CELBAN, (R-8 and L-9).So I need further assistance in CELBAN preparation. How can I register myself for the CELBAN prep? Is there any form to be filled out?
I need a positive reply before the offer expires.

Thank you again and expecting a reply as early as possible.

With regards, L

Dear L,

Let me congratulate you on passing the CRNE! This is not an easy feat! Also congratulations on such a great score on the IELTS. I know it is not high enough, but it is a great score.

[For updates on the process of becoming a nurse in Canada check this out:  National Nursing Assessment Services, NNAS.]

Also, let me congratulate you on progressing on your path to becoming a nurse from UAE! By doing this you have decreased a great deal of stress and frustration in your life. To understand better please read:

Your scores in listening and reading are excellent. I do recommend you access as many resources as possible with CELBANPrep resources.

NOTE: you will be required to get a membership at http://www.CELBANPrep.info to print the downloadable Test and Answer booklets, which could not be included in the e-books for Reading and Listening Complete.

The great thing about CELBANPrep is that you can do your studies in UAE with all of the resources available online!

Though Amazon, CELBANPrep is actually available in 100 countries: including the UAE!

There are four easy steps:

All the best!



4 responses to “300 – CELBAN Preparation in Dubai, UAE and internationally

  1. Good day,

    Please is there any CELBAN testing centre in UAE?

  2. Dear Kim,

    Once again I want to thank you for the blog and articles you shared with me. Now, my mind was clear and regained eagerness to study.

    By those inspiring words that I had read that almost similar on my situation. I was encouraged to start preparing now for celban. I don’t want to waste my time. Since, you told to your students that it take about 6 months to prepare and it depends upon everyone weaknesses.Also, we have only three chances to take the celban. Moreover, I far as I understood that there is no difference in celbanprep review wherever I am either in canada or UAE. Maybe this is the best time to start now because I knew that I cannot give my full attention to review when I’m still new in canada. I need to adjust with the culture, climate etc. My plan is to take celban as soon as possible after I arrive and maybe on September or October this year.I hope I can make it.

    Anyway, thank you for your advice.


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