📱#6 CELBAN Preparation in 🇮🇳 India and Internationally

Updated 2023

Dear Kim ,
How are you ? I need your help . I’m from India . My canada immigration process is about to complete and soon I will be landed in canada Very soon I’ll get my Visa for canada. I have done General Nursing . I Don’t know what would be my career there. I Know one think i have to clear English language test . I Got 6 band in IELTS.. I’ve heard that CELBAN test is quite easier than IELTS . Thus, I’ve started to search on it.. I Got ur Fb id From you tube . Plz Guide What should i do till I get my visa . Staying at India , How can i make myself capable for CELBAN . Plz Support me . In India I’ve Time to improve myself .In Canada My Life Would be Quite Busy i think. Hope You would respond . I’ll be thankful for you for kindness act .
Regards , A

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CELBAN Preparation in IndiaDear A,
Congratulations on advancing in your immigration process! You must be so very excited!

Thank you for taking time to write, and thank you for letting me know how you found me! If you take these steps in India before you come to Canada you are a very wise person, and will have a much easier path than most people. I have a few posts I wrote on my blog that may help. Please see the one I wrote today to someone in the UK: CELBAN Preparation in the UK and internationally. Also see the tag: CELBAN or IELTS. This will help to answer a few questions. Did you check-out the:

  1. CELBAN Information is available through CELBANPrep Bronze,
  2. CELBAN Training Material through CELBANPrep Silver, and
  3. CELBAN Online Courses through CELBANPrep Gold

If you are looking for books, check out the following titles that are now available in India on Amazon.


I want to commend you further on what you wrote, “Plz Guide What should i do till I get my visa . Staying at India , How can i make myself capable for CELBAN . Plz Support me . In India I’ve Time to improve myself. In Canada My Life Would be Quite Busy i think.” If you understand this you understand the reason why I created CELBANPrep and why it is available through Amazon: for these very reasons. It is so much better for people to prepare from overseas, before coming here. With better pay, and family support (especially if you have little children) there are so many benefits of preparing early.

Over and over I post e-mails from people who are overwhelmed or depressed and can not find the time or energy to prepare.

Over and over I offer encouragement. So when I get a message like this I am filled with joy. There are two tags you might also enjoy:

So, please A, read some of these posts.

Have a most pleasant day!

Learn more about How To Prepare For The CELBAN.ca!

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  5. Hi Kim can i know Your fb id please.


    Kind Regards

    Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 19:03:00 +0000 To: msaini@live.ca

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