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♪♪ Unsuspecting Newcomer: I am so worried about celban as i already took date for celban [in one month], But I am unable to get any prep material.

thank you so much for your quicker response. I am from india, its been 2.5 years in edmonton for me. my ielts score was 6.5 overall. I am so worried about celban as i already took date for celban on 22 april, But I am unable to get any prep material. K

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!! got my CELBAN result letter…L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7…it was just dream come true

Dear Kim,
         Yesterday I came back from India….reached home at 12.30 am and first thing I did was….checked my mail box…got my CELBAN result letter…..my heart was beating very fast,my husband opened the letter for me and the result was WOW…….L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7. I was just stunned…it was just dream come true…I called my family back in India and gave them the great news. Everybody is very happy and proud of me. I am grateful to God for his blessings and my family for their support. I am very thankful to u as without your guidance nothing was possible. Your guidance, support and trust helped me to stay positive and perform well in exam. I really appreciate your efforts for helping me in WRITING.
You are like an angle for IENs like me. Your voice is so miraculous that it always helped me to have trust in myself and do my best in that crucial time.I had a very short time with u but it was really a great experience….LOVE U…..GOD BLESS U…..

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► I want to take celban … and taking care for my two kids … i can’t go outside [to take a class]

DEAR KIM,                                                                                                                      Hi now i am telling you little bit about myself…. i am from India.I passed my GNM Nsg diploma from india.I came canada in sept 2003 and my 2003 to 2010 period is struggal period in canada.I passed my RPN exam in 2010 and i am married that time and i have one baby boy thats why i have no time to do my english test.After three years now i have another baby girl 3 month old.Now i am lived in montreal Qc with my family.I want to pass celban and i want be a nurse in canada.I never take any test like celban or ilets in my past.

Now i want to take celban with your help and taking care for my two kids by myself. Please help me because i can’t go outside for classes.kim can you tell me about yourself or where are you.                                                                                   Thank you for your help and kindness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   yours faithfully,  p

Dear P.

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i really would like to continue my career … and serve the humanity… through this CELBAN exam.

Dear kim,

Hi,thank you for your prompt reply….i have done my diploma nursing in india 2001 and worked for 10years.

i have done IELTS general without taking class as i required it for my visa purpose and my score was 5.5 and it was indeed very poor scored.i arrived in canada (edmonton)on 3rd.october 2013, as my husband is working here since last two year.i really would like to continue my career as a nurse and serve the humanity,to extend my career i really need to get through this CELBAN exam.
I am not ashamed to say,I am not good at english and my grammar is also very poor because i am not use to it..but i have a dream,a dream that i have to help poor and needy children in india who can’t afford to study and  help themselves.
I do believe in jesus surely he will help you to help me.thank you
truly yours,

♫ Learning English was my dream…Thank you so much

Dear Kim,
I like the way you are teaching me. When I was young, I felt proud to people who were speaking English language. Learning English was my dream that time. But I didnot find anybody who were teaching me like this, more detailed way. Maybe I didnot spend time for that, I don’t know. But I really thankful to JESUS, who helped me to know about you. Thank you so much. N.

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!! I PASSED the CELBAN… without taking CELBANPrep, I would have definitely failed.

Dear Kim,

I got my Celban Result..  “I PASSED…” I am soo happy.. I am sure that, if I went for the exam without taking CelbanPrep, I would have definitely failed. I remember your words to another candidate.. for every success, ‘God’s grace, your help and my effort should be there’.. Yes I follow that and I got it… Thank you so much Kim, I have no words to express my feelings.. Group calling helped me to understand a lot..  Your one on one consultant was excellent.. and that gave me confidence to face the exam,,, writing section was awesome, I read others’ writings and the way you, Dia and Reids corrected it, thank you so much Dia for supporting me. I haven’t get any chance to meet Reids.. As you may know, this was my crucial time, and my work permit is expired.
This was one of my best decisions
I have ever made in my life
..and you will always be in my mind as one of my favorite teachers, I dont know how you look, but I have a beautiful picture of you in my mind.. I recommend this Celban Prep to all nurses who want to become a Canadian nurse…  Once again thank you so much for your support and help.. Thanking You.
Your Sincerely,

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