♪♪ Unsuspecting Newcomer: I am so worried about celban as i already took date for celban [in one month], But I am unable to get any prep material.

thank you so much for your quicker response. I am from india, its been 2.5 years in edmonton for me. my ielts score was 6.5 overall. I am so worried about celban as i already took date for celban on 22 april, But I am unable to get any prep material. K

Newc0mer DimondDear K,

Well, my friend, I am glad that you wrote but I too am worried about your exam date being so soon. Would you consider postponing it?

Last summer I drafted the CELBAN Trap, which you have fallen into. Then I wrote a separate title, exploring the 4 ways IENs fall. You are an Unsuspecting Newcomer.

This is from the CELBAN Center website:

Request for cancellation or transfer of test dates must be 20 business days before your confirmed test date. An administrative fee applies.

They prefer you do not transfer or cancel because it is a headache for them, but they are not considering that you only get three chances to take the exam. Still they write, “Please make sure that you select a test session that is appropriate to your level of preparedness, your professional registration timelines and your work and personal schedule.”

With a 6.5 you can try the exam, but it is best to be familiar with the format and the expectations. In the mean time you can consider getting a Writing Assessment. And check out the sales, coupons and offers.
Check out these links, consider your options, then get back to me!
Have a great week!
hi kim
 thank you for your concern but in any  scenario i am not able to postpone the test day. i need the material which can help in preparation and guide me achieve my target. I am looking forward to sign up for writing assessment , if u sort me out some of those for me? and thank you so much for your concern
Dear K,

Ok. Well that is good that you are firm on your decision about your date.  A Writing Assessment is a good start. It allows you to know:

  • Wr1t1ngAssessYour strengths and weaknesses when it comes to grammar and writing,
  • Which Writing4IEHP resources will help you to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and
  • about how much time it will take you to prepare for the CELBAN.

Once you get your Assessment, you will be able to decide what to do next.

All you need to do is to register for your Writing Assessment.

What else do you need to be “sorted out”?


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