♫ Learning English was my dream…Thank you so much

Dear Kim,
I like the way you are teaching me. When I was young, I felt proud to people who were speaking English language. Learning English was my dream that time. But I didnot find anybody who were teaching me like this, more detailed way. Maybe I didnot spend time for that, I don’t know. But I really thankful to JESUS, who helped me to know about you. Thank you so much. N.

Smiling Indian WomanDear N,

It is with great joy that I read your message. Learning a language is not easy. And while there are many teachers, each of us has our own method of philosophy. When I was doing my Master in Education I was asked, as an assignment, to write about my philosophy of teaching. I chose to write about Christ as my exemplar: for He is a great teacher.
I am thankful that you have found me too, and that you came here all the way from India, or I would not know you and your sweet spirit.
But we have a great deal of work to do. There is much for you to learn to master the language in writing. And we will continue to work together towards this goal.
Have a most wonderful day!

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