📋1G* HOPE !! I got my CELBAN result letter…L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7…it was just dream come true

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
         Yesterday I came back from India….reached home at 12.30 am and first thing I did was….checked my mail box…got my CELBAN result letter…..my heart was beating very fast,my husband opened the letter for me and the result was WOW…….L-10/10, R- 10/10, S- 9/10, W- 7. I was just stunned…it was just dream come true…I called my family back in India and gave them the great news. Everybody is very happy and proud of me. I am grateful to God for his blessings and my family for their support. I am very thankful to u as without your guidance nothing was possible. Your guidance, support and trust helped me to stay positive and perform well in exam. I really appreciate your efforts for helping me in WRITING.
You are like an angle for IENs like me. Your voice is so miraculous that it always helped me to have trust in myself and do my best in that crucial time.I had a very short time with u but it was really a great experience….LOVE U…..GOD BLESS U…..

Back to SchoolDear A,

I am so happy to hear this news! I just knew you had it in you! I knew that all of your experiences and education would allow you to prepare for the exam in such a short amount of time! You simply needed to understand the format, to practice and receive support/encouragement. Those are excellent scores! I can just imagine your face and your reaction. And to think, in only a matter of months you will be practicing as a nurse in Canada (having completed all the previous requirements and passing the CRNE in Ontario).
Thank you for your comments/complements. All I did was draw out what was already inside of you: to help you to see what both I and God already saw in you!
I am so grateful that He guided you to me. I have been so blessed to know you, to work with you, and to be part of this joyous event.
Please, as you walk your path, stay in touch!

Here are some previous messages from A.

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Nov 21 Dear Kim……I am an IEN from India……recently moved to toronto. I have cleared my RN exam recently. The only requirement left is English proficiency. Unfortunately due to new cno rules my ielts got expired in which I had required scores.This time I am planning to appear for CELBAN in Feb 2014.I had gud scores in ielts in past,last attempt this year with R-8.5,L-8,W-6.5,S-6.5.I am worried as this 0.5 always bring insecurity and brings my confidence down….plz suggest me from where to start for CELBAN…..waiting for ur reply…..thanx

Nov 22 Dear A,
First of all, Congratulations! It is most excellent that you have passed your RPN! It is an unfortunate thing, but I have many people who have passed the IELTS but have had exams expire, or have had exams expire and are now expected to get a higher score. Have you read my blog, Dear Kim? https://dear-kim.com/. When you get a chance you will discover that there are many people who experience the same insecurity for the same reason, and can read many testimonials from people who have entered the CELBAN with confidence having completed CELBANPrep. I suggest you get the free resources from www.celban.info. Then you can also get my e-mail address and we can connect via e-mail. I would also recommend you go to www.celbanprep.info to learn about the CELBAN online courses, CELBAN online classes, CELBAN material and CELBAN reviewers that are available to you at this time. In time, with practice and guidance, I know that you too can enter the exam with confidence and proceed on your path to becoming a nurse here in Canada! Again, congratulations! I am so impressed!

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Jan 2 Hello Kim……i am preparing to give CELBAN exam in feb this year…….so i am planning to buy writing and speaking course…..but i hav some confusion….I want to buy it as soon as possible but as this course is only for one month…is it ok to buy now and can i continue with it till my exam that fall on 12,13 feb….or should i buy it near 10th jan so that i could continue with it till last….as it is very costly i just want to take max benefit out of it….i jus dont want to waste my precious time……and is there any discount available presently…..please guide me…….need your help……..waiting for your reply…thanx

Jan 8. Dear A, …reviewing your scores and knowing you have completed your process in Ontario and are at the very last stage, you may be able to achieve the required scores. And you have two more attempts available with the exam, but this is a gamble. Having more preparation will give you more confidence and a better outcome.

So, there is enough time to complete CELBANPrep Speaking. You would be able to begin CELBANPrep Writing Level One, and might be able to start but …CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. That way you have both Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2 covered.

This information is all available at www.writing.celbanprep.info, a link I gave to you earlier.

So the question comes back to you…, whether you want to take the exam in February or want more time to prepare, or whether you want to go ahead with the date you have. It comes to the same question life poses again and again: time or money, which is most valuable to you? Right now you are in the situation of losing both. Had you acted sooner, in November you would have completed CELBANPrep Writing Level One,  you would be working on CELBANPrep Writing Level Two and know whether or not you will be ready for February 12th. But it is what it is. Consider how you feel and what you need knowing the CELBAN is easier than the IELTS.
It really is a race against time, and a gamble.
Sincerely, Kim

A. Subscribed to the CELBANPrep Course Bundle (Writing and Speaking Courses). She worked excessively hard with her writing coach. She attended all the speaking conference calls possible. She passed her Writing Level one after four weeks, and proceeded to Writing Level Two in record time for the following reasons:
  • She had already achieved passing scores on the IELTS, her exam had merely expired and the scores had been increased.
  • She had passed her CRNE, and all other requirements of CNO, so she was very familiar with nursing in a Canadian context and the influence of culture on communication.
  • She had a great deal of time to dedicate to practicing her skills, balancing her responsibilities and achieving great results.

For more information see How long does it take to prepare for the CELBAN test?

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