πŸ“‹1G* Keepsake: β–Ί How long does it take to prepare for the CELBAN test?

Update 2021

Dear Kim,

How are you today? Thanks for your question, I am doing pretty good.

The answers for your questions:
I am from Hungary, used to be a RN back home for 11.5 years. My specialty is NICU babies – on ward and transport them.
I have been here a little bit more than six years. I live in … BC .
I have never took any language test in Canada.
Can you tell me approximately how long does it take to prepare for the CELBAN test?
Thank you for you time.

Back to SchoolDear E,
That is a great question! How long it takes for you to prepare for the CELBAN depends on several factors:
  1. Where are you, when it comes to your English?
  2. How much time do you have to prepare and practice?
  3. How much support do you have?
  4. What language do you speak at home and during the day?
  5. How motivated are you?
  6. How much are you willing to invest in your process?

What level of English, in particular grammar, are you at?

    • The higher the level, around a 7 on IELTS, the less time it will take. Usually it takes 2-3 months to prepare for the CELBAN for an individual with a 7 in IELTS.
    • The lower the level, a 5 or below on IELTS, the more time it will take. Typically it takes 6 months to a year for someone with a 5 in IELTS to prepare for the CELBAN exam.

How much time do you have to practice and prepare?

    • People who have several hours in a day to prepare progress much faster than people who can only practice for half an hour a week.
    • Daily practice in all skills – half an hour a day – is highly recommended, but this is simply not feasible for many people balancing work, school, family and self.
    • Being learner-centred CELBANPrep has been created to be very flexible, for this reason.

How much support do you have?

    • The more support you have at home, the more you will progress in a short amount of time. Having people who are supportive and compassionate, who will help you with house work and chores, really makes a difference. Having people close by for you to practice role plays is also a bonus.Β 
    • People who have less support, single mothers, mothers of young children, and women who do not get support from their husbands require more time.

What language do you speak at home and during the day?

    • Being surrounded by people who speak English rather than your native tongue is also important.
    • People who speak mainly their mother tongue at home and during the day progress at a slower rate.

How motivated are you to study?

    • People who are highly motivated are good at time management and setting boundaries.
    • People who are not motivated procrastinate. They get distracted. Instead of practicing skills they simply read lessons. This is not a productive way of preparing for an exam.
    • Lacking motivation? ReadΒ encouragement.

How much are you willing to invest in your self and your process: in your future?

  • Β 
  • People who are unwilling to invest time, energy and money into their process usually do not get far. They temd to struggle with motivation, and get distracted easily. They get books, but don’t know how to study. Worst of all, they think that how they have prepared for exams in the past will work when they prepare for the CELBAN; but this is not true. The CELBAN is unlike any other exam you have ever taken. It is the CANADIAN English Language BENCHMARK Assessment for Nurses. Undestanding what the CELBAN is about is VITAL to success.Β 
  • People who are willing to invest in themselves find/create/make the time to study. They are disiplined ensuring they ahve the energy and focus to study. Most of all, they know that studying in a class, with a group, or with a teacher catapaults them forward. They know that education is an investment, and they understand that paying Canadian rates is required. They know that they will not work for free, when they are registered, so they do not expect their teachers to work for free: especially valuable ones who are experts in their field. They know that by working with an expert in the field they save both time and money.Β 
The ideal situation is having a high baseline when it comes to knowing the language, having at least an hour each day to practice, with lots of support at home and lots of motivation to become a nurse in Canada. Speaking English at home, and during the day, is also important.
But very few people have an ideal situation.
For this reason CELBANPrep is very flexible. It has been created to adapt and respond to the individual needs of each learner. That is the main reason why CELBANPrep Writing has two levels. Some people can progress quickly, but others need more time.
That is why I ask questions about previous scores, how much time one has to prepare, how much support each individual has, and how motivated each person is. This is not to disqualify a person but to ensure expectations are reasonable and goals are obtainable.
Back to School
I have one IEN who signed up in January who is taking her exam today. She has moved very quickly through the process as she has already passed her NCLEX, has been in Canada for a long time, and has lots of time each day to prepare. She is more than motivated, because this is the very last thing standing in her way. Tomorrow she is off to India to visit with family.
I have another IEN who subscribed to CELBANPrep last May. She did not even submit one assignment. She failed on her first attempt on the CELBAN. She renewed her subscription in September. Again, she did not do any work. She focused on her family, and her one year old. She did not start submitting assignments in January. She is motivated now, because her exam was scheduled for next week. Her plan was to take one week off to prepare. After attending 7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN she realized this is not the best plan. Luckily, it has been postponed to March, so she has more time, but it all depends on how she spends it. Her children are in day care during the day so she has potential, but the outcome is unknown.
Another IEN also subscribed last year. She has been working two jobs while taking care of a young family. They have taken on a large mortgage.. part of the Canadian Dream. She too did not participate. She too failed an exam. She too contacted me for help in September. But, she made a decision to work on her English. And it is absolutely amazing. Seeing how far she progressed in such a short time has been fabulous. She just completed CELBANPrep Writing Level One for Writing Task 1 and is beginning CELBANPrep Writing Level Two for Writing Task 2. She will be ready to take the exam in two months, not only ready to take it but confident she will pass it.Β 
Many people are confused because CELBANPrep has been created as a student-centered program, adapting to the needs of each individual and not the traditional teacher-centered approach. Those who are learning about patient and family centered care understand, value and appreciate what I have done to make CELBANPrep Available When You Are; Available Where You Are. These are the people who regardless of where they start, or how much time and commitment they have, love CELBANPrep. They know that the methods I use to teach work! And they are so willing to write about it. (See testimonial.)

So, E, I give the question back to you, how much time do you need to prepare for the CELBAN?


Save both time and money!Β Explore CELBANPrep University.Β 

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