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I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then…apply for the NNAS. 

Updated 2021 Hello Kim, First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful info that you have given others which I have browsed in your sites.  I, too, have similar situations and concerns like many IENS here … Continue reading

Is it possible to take CELBAN test … prior to NNAS application

Updated 2021 Hi Kim,   Thanks for the welcome message. I’d like to ask if its possible to take celban test and pass first prior to NNAS application. I’m not pretty confident to pass the english test and registering for NNAS … Continue reading

♪♪ A Guide to Evaluating CELBAN Resources ~ I just heard about NNAS and immediately signed up

Hi Kim, I have been searching on how to write in this blog for a while now but I can’t find the link so I just made a comment here… Anyway, I just arrived here in Canada just a couple … Continue reading

♦ How many months do I need to prepare for CELBAN since my application for NNAS is running?

Hello Kim! I’m good, thank you. I am a Filipino and just arrived here in Edmonton three months ago. I need to comply the English Language requirement for my application for NNAS. I haven’t taken any English exams yet since … Continue reading

3G* I am still little confused about this NNAS assessment

Updated 2021 Hey Kim,   I am still little confused about this NNAS assessment . My doubt is that if we are living in one province so can we submit our papers for evaluation to any other province or to … Continue reading

C. Understanding NNAS

Updated 2021 “There are two true and reliable sources for information about the CELBAN:  The CELBAN Centre and NNAS.“ “STEP ONE: Contact the CELBAN official Website Check out the website of the CELBAN Centre ( to get test information. This … Continue reading

CELBAN Preparation in the 🇺🇲 US, the 🇬🇧UK, and 🇦🇺 Australia

Written 2021 Dear Friends, The changes to the CELBAN, now that there is an online Computer Based Test, the CBT, have created ripples going outward. Now that the CELBAN is available online… Now that the CELBAN is available internationally… Now … Continue reading

CELBANPrep Available in Japan 🇯🇵 and 100 Countries!!!

Update 2021 Did you know that since 2009 CELBANPrep has been available, in Japan and 100 other countries? If you are in Japan, considering taking the CELBAN so that you can become a licensed or registered nurse in Canada, there … Continue reading

CELBAN Preparation in 🇮🇱 Israel and Internationally

Updated 2021   Hello, Dear Kim! I’ve never met you, but your words touched my heart deeply! I know that the immigration process isn’t easy, I am going to pass it one more time. The first my time was  from … Continue reading

300 – CELBAN Preparation in Dubai 🇦🇪 UAE, 🇶🇦 Qatar, 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia and Internationally

Updated 2021 Dear Kim,Good morning. ..Thank you very much for the reply regarding CELBAN.I am currently residing in Abudhabi, U.A.E since last 8yrs, working as Registered Nurse in OR, in one the reputed hospitals in U.A.E.Basically l am from the … Continue reading