► Where do I start? What should I do [to prepare for the CELBAN]?

Dear Kim, I am living in Calgary. It is my  first stop. I have been here for a year and 6 mo. I am from the Philippines. My score on the IELTS is: writing- 6.5 reading-7 speaking-8 listening 9. Where do I start? What should I do? K

Dear K,

Thank you for your reply. So what are you thinking of doing now?

With your scores I see you need some support and assistance with your writing. It may take a couple of months to prepare you for the CELBAN so that you become familiar with the format and expectations. The more you are aware of your weaknesses, the better.

There are several things you can do, to this end:Wr1t1ngAssess

Knowing your weaknesses is an important part of determining where to focus your time and attention. I am sure you are like many of the IENs that I have met, that are struggling to balance responsibilities at home, at work, at school, in the community and with family and friends. Knowing your weaknesses provides a way of determining where best to spend your time and energy to produce the greatest rewards. Obtaining an individualized learning plan, based on those weaknesses, and learning how to turn them into strengths gives you an C0UP0NSmadvantage not only for writing the CELBAN but also for becoming a nurse and life in general. Integrating exceptional written and verbal communication skills, understanding the Canadian Culture, and knowing how the Canadian Culture influences communication in a nursing setting are valuable skills that will provide you with strength and practice when you obtain a position as a nurse, whether be in a hospital or in community nursing. Individualized learning plans also allow IENs, such as yourself, integrate studying for the CELBAN into busy lifestyles. Focusing on your individual weaknesses and learning how to turn them into strengths allows you to manage your resources most effectively, both time and money, in a way that exceeds any other method of preparing for the CELBAN exam. S5 ringGMo while you consider your next step in preparing for the CELBAN exam, consider the most efficient strategies available to assist you in obtaining your goals. Explore your options in obtaining quality training by quality coaches. Then once you decide, make a commitment to practice so that you can overcome your weaknesses and achieve your dreams.

Sincerely, Kim

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