A Question about CELBAN Preparation Guide Books for Reading and Listening.

Find the Reading and Listening CELBAN Preparation Guide Books

Dear Kim,

I would like to buy listing and reading material.
Can u suggest me ur best practice books!


This is Kim from CELBANPrep. And I am here to answer your question. I thank you very much for your patience and the answer.

So your question today was about getting a CELBAN book for reading and for listening.

And here I am on the CELBANPrep website. And I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that. I want to take you on a little bit of a tour so that I can show you some other things that I have that are available and accessible to you.

So when it comes to, CELBAN reading and listening, I created a series of books. Actually. I started creating them in 2011 and I just rewrote them for September 21. They were just re-published.

The writing and the speaking are very similar to ones that were available before, but I have changed them. And that’s why the names are changed. And the titles are changed because I’ve added new elements.

I’ve learned so much in working with nurses over the past 10 years, more than 10 years, since 2009. And I’ve worked with nurses from all over the world and living across Canada. And one thing that I learned is how discouraged a lot of nurses get and how disappointed.


And so the first part of the book for the whole series, the whole collection, is actually introspective. It’s a journal, and there are questions for you to answer having to do with each skill in nursing. So for reading, it’s going to ask you about questions, why you became a nurse, and then how reading impacts who you are as a nurse. When do you read and when different kinds of questions, that’s the first part.


The second part is a mini-study-planner. I got really big this year in 2021 about creating study planners because I’ve created so many resources in these 10 plus years that people are like, “Where do I start? I don’t know, there’s too much stuff.” And so the study planners are to help you to be able to do that, to focus on one thing at a time, or take two at a time.

Why the modules for reading, writing, listening and speaking are separate.

I like that you’re doing two at a time.

Taking four at a time is really difficult for busy people.

And so that’s why the collection is separated. It’s separated. So it’s more affordable. If a person can only afford one at a time, instead of buying them all at the same time.

And just to let you know, it actually costs more than $20 to print each book. And that’s just the printing that’s without me being paid. And so I don’t get paid until they’re sold. This collection hasn’t been created like in the past when writers used to get a big advance. These weren’t written on an advance. These were written from my heart and soul and my time.

And so, the CELBAN Writing Preparation Guide actually is more expensive because it is 200 pages and it costs more and the paper is a really good paper.

And so there are lots of different things that go into creating a book like this that influences its cost anyways, as an side.


So part number two is a mini-study-planner to help you to be able to navigate your study days. And then in the third part is where lessons begin.

How many CELBAN reading and listening sample tests do you provide?

So a lot of people ask me, for example, sample examples and sample tests. And while that might work for you preparing for the IELTS, it doesn’t work for the CELBAN.

And this is a really strong message that I want nurses to understand is that it is impossible to study for the CELBAN and the way that you do for other exams.

This CELBAN is an assessment, not a test it’s about your skills, not your knowledge. And so you have to be able to interpret communications. We’re interpreting is reading and listening and creating communications they are speaking and writing. And you have to be able to do them in a moderately demanding, too much demanding situation that moderately demanding to met demanding situation is where more skills are applied.

If you get a one to a four and a five on the CELBAN or on a CLB, that means you can use reading, writing, listening, and speaking in non-demanding situations, but on the CELBAN and in nursing, you need to have those skills in moderately demanding, demanding situations. And that’s how the test is created. It’s created to be challenging that way.

And the skills that you need to demonstrate in those situations are things that you can’t learn from practice tests.

You have to learn the skills in life.

And so what I’ve done is I’ve created lessons in each book and one book there’s only five, the other book, there’s 10 lessons because there’s more to learn more skills to learn, and you apply them in your life.

You apply them at home at work and the community, and that way your skills become natural to you and developed for you.

The focus of the CELBAN Guide books, then, is for skill development.

That is what I started creating in 2011. I started creating books, but I also teach online.

About CELBANPrep University’s app-based virtual campus

And so what I want to share with you is the second part. If you go to HowToPrepareForTheCELBAN.ca, you can see here, there is a website that I’ve created for CELBANPrep University.

And as you can see, there’s different areas. There’s the CELBAN reviewers, there’s the CELBAN information, the resource center, and CELBAN courses.

The CELBANPrep University is an app-based campus that you can use on your phone or on your tablet, on your devices. And you can study anywhere. You can study from work or from home or wherever.

And so there’s three different levels.

  1. There’s the most affordable one, which is CELBAN information. This is self study and it’s free.
  2. The most popular one is a subscription to CELBANPrep University, and you get access to CELBAN material. It’s self-directed training. So both of these are self study.
  3. The best results is when you actually take a course, but it’s more, more expensive and everyone can afford that.

The CELBANPrep Compassionate Pricing Policy

And so that’s what I’ve done. I’ve included the compassionate pricing policy into what I’ve created at CELBANPrep University.

At the bottom and throughout the website, there’s a link for you to join the TOUR Group for free. And so I’m going to show you my end; your end is going to look different when you sign in, because this is the admin side.

Entering the Information Centre Google Classroom

And when you join the tour, you’ll just have the CELBAN Information Center.

Once you come here, you have a whole gamut of resources that are available to you. So there’s:

  • a campus tour,
  • videos,
  • information about each of the sections,
  • a welcome package with some gifts that are there,
  • news and notifications that I will be posting in time,
  • the bookstore connections to all the different books that are available and the international ones,
  • a course pack, which gives you information about the next level with the subscription, and
  • the registrar’s office, where you can actually register for those courses.

What you get for CELBAN Listening and Reading with a Subscription to CELBANPrep University

So if you get a subscription to CELBANPrep University, you get access to the Resource Center, as well as the Learning Center.

What I wanted to show you is that in the Learning Center; there’s two different skill training programs that are here that would be of interest for you. One is the quickening my listening skills, and the other is engaging in read theory. So each of these is actually connected to another website.

(I have been working extensively on creating everything that I’ve learned over the last 10 years and putting it together in an amazing program.)

What I wanted to let you know is that yes, you can start with the books and they are available from Amazon internationally at the different sites where the publications are available from. So there’s one for Canada, the states, Australia, Italy, Japan, and a few other places as well as that.

Feel free to go to HowToPrepareForTheCELBAN.ca, and join the TOUR Group for free.

==> Make sure you watch the videos, download the app so that you can actually engage in things.

And then, when you are ready, decide if you want to get a subscription to CELBANPrep University, which is the second step. (It’s a nominal fee meaning it doesn’t cost very much to become an open student at CELBANPrep University.

I hope this helps. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this.


Learn more about how to access CELBAN Information, CELBAN Material, and CELBAN online courses offered through CELBANPrep University. Join the FREE CELBANPrep University Virtual Tour Group.

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