How can I get a 10 in CELBAN Listening?

To get a score of 10 in the CELBAN Listening section, you need to demonstrate a high level of comprehension of spoken English. Here are some steps you can follow to prepare for the test:

  1. Improve your listening skills: Regularly listen to English audio materials such as news broadcasts, podcasts, and TV shows to improve your listening skills.
  2. Practice with CELBAN materials: Use study materials specifically designed for the CELBAN Listening test to get a feel for the types of questions and tasks you’ll face.
  3. Take notes: Practice taking notes while listening to English audio materials. This will help you focus on what you’re hearing and improve your comprehension skills.
  4. Improve your vocabulary: Having a good vocabulary will help you understand the words used in the test. Read English materials and practice using new words in conversation.
  5. Focus on speed: The CELBAN Listening test is timed, so it’s important to be able to listen and comprehend quickly. Practice listening to English audio materials at a faster pace to improve your speed.
  6. Ask for help: If you’re having trouble understanding spoken English, consider seeking help from a language tutor or teacher.

Remember, preparation and practice are key to doing well on the CELBAN Listening section. By focusing on your listening skills, improving your vocabulary, and taking advantage of study materials and resources, you can increase your chances of getting a score of 10.

How we help!

At CELBANPrep University there are many options to assist you in preparing for CELBAN Listening.

  1. Books are available internationally on Amazon as an inexpensive way to learn about the format of the exam with guidance on improving your listening skills with fun activities and a weekly study plan.
  2. A Medical Collocation dictionary to increase your medical vocabulary that focuses on common phrases used in the Canadian health care system.
  3. The CELBANPrep Silver bundle provides videos created specifically so that you can take notes, focus on speed, and improve your vocabulary.
  4. And two of the 12-week courses included in the CELBANPrep GOLD bundle teach you specific skills and competencies you must have to get the required score on the CELBAN!
  5. Finally, One-on-One coaching is available, for those who have registered for the CELBANPrep GOLD bundle in the Learning Centre of CELBANPrep University. (Sold Separately. Limited Availability.)

Go to: for more information!

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