Please tell me what to do

How are you doing! I am totally depend on knowledge whatever you are providing to me. Mam you know me well as i told you earlier everthing regarding myself and my suitations.Here i want to have a personal suggestion from you, what sould i do right know, i would like to go as you will guide me as i think you are more exprienced to me. Please show me the way and i would like to tell that i gave ielts in march . Now here i am ready to do work hard but not having guidelines and support. please tell me what should i do .Thanks to listen me so patiently.
Yours Sincerly, S

Dear S,

I was so touched at your message, it took me a few days to think about a reply. I appreciate your trust you have put into me, a complete stranger but I encourage you to be cautious. With your innocence there are many people involved in immigration fraud that take advantage of people.

If you are asking me if you should continue with the IELTS or do the CELBAN I can not make that decision for you. I can tell you what others have told me: the CELBAN is easier. It is good to learn test taking strategies for one exam, and to stick with it, knowing it takes time, practice and hard work to increase a score. If you do choose the IELTS, I once hired an IELTS instructor. His favorite books are: Cambridge IELTS Student’s Book with answers: Examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. They have 7 or 8 books. Lots of opportunity to practice. You can get them from the local library. And if they do not have any available, see if you can borrow books from the local university.

At the end of the day, ensuring that you are doing something every day to increase your English Language skills is important.

Hope this helps!

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