$ I am [an IEN] working as a Continuing Care Assistance in a long term care facility [in Canada]

Dear Friends,

In reading the following posted assignment for CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring I realized that some of you might like to know what about a day in the life of a Continuing Care Assistant, also known as Nursing Attendant or Nursing Assistant in a longer term care facility. Here is a wonderful piece written by an IEN about her experience working in an unlicensed profession as a survival job while she is working on her process of becoming a nurse in Canada:

I am working as a Continuing Care Assistance in a long term care facility, which is subsidized by the Federal government. I would like to share with you our regular evening tasks in this facility.

ReportThe shift begins at 2:45pm. All evening shift nurses and CCA’s usually attend to an endorsement from the day shift. The Nurse Supervisor is the one who conducts the report. After this activity, the CCA’s move to their designated hallways and get the residents up from their beds to prepare for the 5pm supper. At supper time, we assist those unable to feed themselves. Their baths and hora somni (h.s) care is initiated after supper. However, there are residents who feel exhausted easily and we help them retreat to their rooms. If this is the case, support with washing and undressing/dressing is provided. At 7pm, the residents receive an evening snack. The CCA’s, again, help with feeding if necessary. Once meal time is finished, we clean and wash the remaining residents.
These tasks are accomplished at 9pm. Afterwards, we sit and stretch our aching legs. In the same way, we write our reports and fill in the resident’s care plan book.
This kind of job involves physical strength and stamina. However, being organized and patience are also virtues to achieve an excellent quality of work output.

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