♥ Scared is what i feel right now battling with my mind which is still foggy…

 Dear Kim,

That sounds really good.YAY! .Hopefully, you’ll come here and teach us [in Calgary with CELBANPrep Live]. I purchased the Reading and Listening complete bundle yesterday and planning to buy the speaking and writing tonight. Excited and scared is what i feel right now battling with my mind which is still foggy and crowded with  negative thoughts on what to do 1st or if i can make it.(sigh). Thank you Kim, i have no one who can understand me in this process right now. I have to do this!

More Powers,

ImageDear Y,

I think you and I are going to get along just fine!

Although I created CELBANPrep to help IENs prepare for the exam this is only one part of what I do. The other part is providing encouragement and clarity. So many people are confused and others are misguided. There is an abundance of misinformation, and not enough people with the information, available to share it.

The process of becoming a nurse can be so very rough. Internal battles rage one, one step of the process after another. The most important thing to fulfilling dreams of life in Canada is the ability to quite the storm thoughts and replace them with faith, hope and confidence. Only with these internal characteristics will you make it through the storms that will come.

But how does one build confidence? How does one quiet the storm? How does one even know where to start?

It starts with a combination of courage, motivation and humility. Many people come to Canada and to me with courage and motivation, but some come to me with pride instead of humility. They are over confident in their abilities and are not really ready to learn. Those with humility, however, come to me with: a readiness to learn; a dedication in time and energy. So being uncertain can be interpreted as being humble and ready to learn.

Are you courageous? Are you motivated? Yes. Yes. I already know this, even though I have not met you, for two reasons:

  1. you are here in Canada!
  2. you reached out for help!
  3. you wrote with authenticity and vulnerability!

It takes both courage and motivation to do these three things. So I know you have all three foundational characteristics that make your learning ground fertile for confidence.

Your confidence will grow over time, and with practice. I will guide you through the process so that you know what to do first, until eventually you know what you need to do by yourself, without my guidance. But my support will remain.

So my goal for each person I meet is to help them to pass the exam, but I know that in order to pass the exam people need to be confident. Only confidence will help people to overcome exam anxiety. Only preparation and practice will build that confidence. At the end of the day, when you are ready to write the exam, you will be confident having taken CELBANPrep working on weekly writing assignments and participating in the speaking conference calls. When that day comes, I hope you will write to me about the change, so that others will be inspired by your story!

Allow the excitement to build and the fear to subside. All will be well!


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