Every correction makes me better with my computer skills: writing sample

Dear Friend,

I often get requests from people for two things:

  • an writing for CELBAN sample and
  • a writing example of form filling for the CELBAN

Today as I was marking assignments posted for Lesson 8: Form Filling in CELBANPrep Writing, I was so very impressed with the efforts of one of my Internationally Educated Nurses. Often people come to CELBANPrep with fears and apprehension about using technology. Often this stops people from subscribing to the CELBANPrep courses. Earlier this year I met an IEN who has faced many challenges when it comes to using a computer. What is amazing is that she has been willing to learn. So I have been giving her extra challenges, that are now integrated into Lesson 1.  I thought I would share with you the before and after of her CELBAN Form Filling Assignment. Here you can see for yourself not only the assignment and improvements made through the integration of feedback, but also read some of the comments both she and I have written.




Posted Assignment: Lesson 8 Form Filling


Name of patient : Jee

Reason for visit: chest pain and discomfort

Patient information: date of birth: 17th August (year, no additional information given)

Family information:

:father 50 years (farmer)

:mother, housewife (no additional information given)

: siblings ( no information given)

:father, high blood pressure.( 4-5 years)

Symptoms experienced: onset: 3-4 days, description: starts with numbness, then sharp stabbing pain (few minutes), frequency: no additional information given, location: radiates to the back ( not to arms or jaw)

Additional health information: no allergies to food, no allergies to medications, on calcium, multivitamins ( one year)

Current level of pain: pain 8 (out of 10)

Lifestyle choices

  •  exercises (3-4 days a week), stretching, yoga (1/2 hour), does not gym.
  • diet: vegetarian
  • non smoker
  • does not  drink coffee
  • drinks tea (2-3 times a day)
  • no drugs taken


Can you please use more formatting. How about creating a table to get your spacing correct?


Comment after first revision

Dear Dear Kim

Oh MY GOSH. It took me 45 minutes or more to get this in table format, then I  realized that I  had inserted way too many rows, I tried to delete it so very hard but I just could not get it right. I told myself Kim is going to have a good laugh at this.

You giving me computer lessons and you my celban teacher, I always said I striked a bonus when I  signed up for celban. Kim I really tried hard getting this right in table format, making it look neat and presentable. I pray that you would be pleased with my corrections.

God bless you

PS:every correction makes me better with my computer skills, you help me get through and make me believe yes I CAN DO IT EVENTUALLY.


Comment after second revision

Great Job! Are you ever persistent. Don’t worry, it takes me time to learn how to do things too,  and I am learning all the time. Considering that it takes 5 hours to edit a 2 minute video can you imagine how long it took me to create CELBANPrep?

OK, Quote the post with the table you create. Now Create a table with:

  • 7 rows (one for each class of information/heading)
  • 2 columns (one for headings, one for information.

It should look like this:

 Patient information

  •  jhlk
  • jklj
  • klj’l

 Family History

  •  kjlkj’lkj
  • klj’;lj;l
  • kjjk[p;

Then copy and past information into the table.

After I will show you an application of a table. (I use them all the time but make the lines invisible).



Dear Kim

WOW. Kim that is one great task correction I am going to have to follow. I am going to need a can of red bull, a big bowl of raisins and lots of energy bars to get my brain cells functioning for a table that  meets my teacher’s perfection. I have decided to go to sleep and do it only with a very very clear frame of mind, since seeing the first one took me ages to do. But I will do it.  God is with me.


Comment with final version

Dear Kim

I pray and hope that I did well on this one. I  corrected it about 5 times and played around with the table for a while before actually posting it. It was definately a learning experience for me. You sure make me try so very hard.

Thank you

Name of patient
  • Jee
Reason for visit
  • Chest pain and discomfort
Patient information
  • Date of birth: 17th August (year, no additional information given)
Family information
  • Father 50 years (farmer)
  • Mother, housewife (no additional information given)
  • Siblings (no information given)
  • Father, high blood pressure (4-5 years)
Symptoms experienced
  • Onset: 3-4 days
  • Description: starts with numbness, then sharp stabbing pain (few minutes)
  • Frequency: no additional information given
  • Location: radiates to the back (not to arms or jaw)
Additinal health information
  • No allergies to food
  • No allergies to medications
  • On calcium, multivitamins (one year)
Current level of pain
  • Pain 8 (out of 10)
Lifestyle choices
  • Exercises (3-4 days a week), stretching, yoga (1/2 hour) does not gym
  • No drugs taken
  • Diet:vegetarian
  • Non smoker
  • Does not drink coffee
  • Drinks tea (2-3 times a day)


Excellent R,

I hope than in the learning you are becoming more comfortable with exploring some of the computer functions. Look at the difference between your first post and your last one! Can you believe you did that!

I promised I would show you an application. I was working with someone on their resume last week. This is one of his sections. See how neat and tidy the columns of information are? A long time ago, with typewriters, this has to be done with spacing. Along came computers with tabs. That made things much easier. Now we have tables, with invisible lines making everything look amazing.

University of _____ Bachelor of Education Elementary Education 2009-2012
·  Received The  University of _____ Arts & Science Scholarship, $750 awarded to high achieving students.·  Achieved The  First Class Standing, awarded to those students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher

In Canada appearance on paper is very important. Resumes are rejected on how they look. The interpretation is that people are unskilled, unorganized or sloppy. In a way this is part of the screening process.

Yes, I have been pushing you, because you are willing. But in the end you are learning important career life skills that hopefully in the end will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals. Computers are a way of life, in Canada. They are not going away. So learning how to embrace technology and all it has to offer will certainly better your life.

Besides, you have become an amazing role model!

You have done a most excellent job, R.

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