What You Need to Prepare for the CELBAN!

Ever since CELBANPrep was created in 2009, Internationally Educated Nurses preparing for the CELBAN have been looking for resources to prepare for the CELBAN. For over 10 years CELBANPrep has provided: lessons, assignments, guidance, videos, and writing samples. There have always been two parts:

  1. The Membership to the Website to access the writing samples, and other material.
  2. The E-books with the lessons, samples, instructions and assignments.

Because CELBANPrep began before iPhones, tablets and smart phones existed – only a few years after YouTube was created – since 2009 there have been 10 versions of CELBANPrep! (Each one takes months to create!)

Two things remain: you need both the instruction manuals and the membership!

The 2020 Version of CELBANPrep has integrated modern technological advances to offer to you:

  1. Instruction Manuals in the form of Kindle Interactive E-books (3 E-books are available for free with Kindle Unlimited) and paperback workbooks for the Grammar Essentials series.
  2. A CELBANPrep Membership that grants you access to the videos, writing samples, and downloadables.

Please ensure you get both!

NOTE: The videos are embedded within the Kindle Interactive E-books, but many devices do not support the videos that are embedded in the Kindle Interactive. That is why the videos are also now available through the membership. It is not a limitation of CELBANPrep; it is a limitation of devices.

Please ensure you access both of the FREE CELBANPrep User guides, and the FREE Pre-Test for Grammar Essentials. It will provide you information that fill you with knowledge and understanding to offset confusion, disappointment and misunderstanding.



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