Ur book it’s fraud.

Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.
Technical Difficulties does not mean something is a fraud.

Hi this was big mistake that I purchased ur book it’s fraud because I am unable to open it .i will also suggest others to not buy this book .before u didi not mention that after buying this you have to take membership because a try hard to pen all vedios but I can’t it was not worth.total wastage of my money. Even with free membership it is not opening 

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Whew! R, just because you could not open the book does not mean it is a fraud! It means you are having technical difficulties of some kind and that instead of searching for solutions you made false claims and allegations! 

Where do we start in problem-solving?

 I can not help you if I do not understand the problem. You have not described what the issues are. You have not been clear in telling me what you purchased. I do not even know how to help you. 

But if you go and slander me to other people, then you are only harming them. I am not a fraud. CELBANPrep is not a fraud. With more then 20 titles on Amazon, and hundreds of reviews on www.Dear-Kim.com this is not a scam. 

I strongly recommend you get the FREE resources from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Jrlhkb. There are two User Guides and one pre-test. 

They will help you. 

They are FREE with Kindle Unlimited, which you can get with a FREE trial.

But you, my friend, can do great damage. It is your choice. Do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem?


P.S. Kindle Interactive E-books contain embedded videos. These videos are accessible on devices that recognize them. Unfortunately, some devices, in particular iPhones and iPads do not recognize the embedded videos. This is NOT a limitation of the ebook. This is a limitation of your device! The videos have been uploaded to CELBANPrep.info for those who are using devices that do not play the embedded videos. Additional fees are required to maintain hosting, url, membership scripts and other internet related factors.

If you have problems: please use other devices!

See Also: What You Need to Prepare for the CELBAN

Ok then tell me how can I open vedios n links.  Help me to operate this book because I am unable to open all links and vedios content please.

Thank you for the kindness in your tone now. 

Please access the free resources

They tell you everything you need there. If you are using your iPhone that may be one of your problems. There is a quarrel between Amazon and iTunes (Apple products). iPhones simply do not recognize the embedded videos within the Kindle Interactive apps. If you read the reviews on Amazon you will see many other people have had this problem. Processing the videos, uploading them to CELBANPrep, paying the hosting fee all of it costa additional money. 

When I created the Kindle e-books in 2018 I had no idea these problems still existed. I would not have spent a year reformatting everything only to have more problems and more people claiming I am a fraud, a scam, and cheating them of money. 

I am one person who happened to be a teacher with a Master in Adult Education, who happened to work in career development, who happened to have nurses coming to me in 2008 asking for resources and there were none. So I got an additional contract with my employer and started developing some. When I left that company I started my own. 

I have had to create 10 versions, one for each year I have operated CELBANPrep, making about $2 an hour. So, I take it personally when I get people making such claims. 

I still don’t know what your problem is. If it is your iPhone, try using a different device. 

In any case, please help yourself and get the FREE User Guides: https://amzn.to/2Jrlhkb

Thank you for writing back. Thank you for your gentler tone.


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