♫ CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring: I am grateful that someone is actually checking my work.

Dear Friend,

With the CELBANPrep Writing Course IENs are matched with a Writing Coach for Writing Tutoring. Writing Coaches work with individuals, giving personalized feedback so that IENs taking the CELBAN can turn their weaknesses into strengths. Here is what I asked one IEN, and what she had to say about the CELBAN Writing Tutoring:

Great job!
L, can you take a moment to tell me what you have learned about … identifying your own personal errors? What are your weaknesses and how can you turn them to strengths? Also, what has it been like working with [your Writing Coach]?

A Middle Eastern woman lying down readingHi Kim and [Writing Coach],

Hello! I am grateful that someone is actually checking my work. With IELTS, when we write the exam, we have no idea what went wrong or what went right with our essay. Through the assignments, I am aware of the mistakes I have made especially the spacing and collocations. Right now, I am still getting used with the collocations… Thanks ladies. Have a good weekend!

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