2G What’s the passing score or CELBAN standard?

NOTE: This information is out of date. Please See Announcements about NNAS
Hi Kim,

Just wanna know what’s the passing score or celban standard in BC. Tnx


Dear A

Thank you for your question. It is a good question considering that the requirements for English Proficiency scores and tests are different province to province, and can and do change over time.

In the province of BC, to become a RN you need to register with the CRNBC. They have a special application process for Internationally Educated Nurses. I highly recommend you go to their site for current information.

On the right there is a link to the English Test Requirements. (I would add the link but they change it every year.)

A this time the required scores for the CELBAN in BC are:

  • Speaking 8.0
  • Listening 10.0
  • Reading 8.0
  • Writing 7.0

A score of 5 or 6 means you can communicate well with others in English. However scores of 7-10 are equivalent to a university level of English. The reason for this is that you may be required to take university level classes. In order to help you to succeed this standard has been created. So taking your English skills serious is extremely important if you want to become a nurse in Canada/BC. It takes time, preparation and practice.

Check out the CRNBC site. There is a wealth of information there.


P.S. These scores are pretty much standardized across the country as Colleges of Nursing communicate with one another to create similar practices from sea to sea.

2 responses to “2G What’s the passing score or CELBAN standard?

  1. Hi Kim, I am internationally educated nurse. I applied for assessment for LPN which will be done by next year. I have registered for CELBAN exam which will be in August this year. Could you please guide me how can I prepare for exam and what resources are available to study for exam. Thank you

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