♥ *You gave me the assistance, confidence and emotional support … I was able to pass CELBAN on my first try

Updated 2021

Hi Kim,
This is A. You may not remember me but I subscribe to your CELBANPrep course 2 years ago. Now, I am very happy to inform you that I will be finishing my 10 courses in the BCN program for RNs this March. Yes! I am finally done with school and I will be able to apply for a GN position and later on RN! This is all thanks to you who made this possible. You helped me prepare for CELBAN. And during that time, I was losing hope because I was frustrated that I was not able to pass the IELTS for the 3rd time. But, thank God that I did not give up. You gave me the assistance, confidence and emotion
al support during that time. And because of that I was able to pass CELBAN on my first try. I will never forget it. Thank you so much! May God continue to shower you with more blessings! A

Dear A,


I was so excited to get your email!  And yes, I remember you. I am so happy to hear that you have progressed so far on your path to becoming a nurse. It has been a long road, a time consuming and sometimes heart breaking journey, but you have the one thing that makes a difference: something deep inside of you that keeps you doing despite all the road blocks and challenges. As you know there are many IENs that come to Canada, or have dreams of coming to Canada, to be a nurse here. But not everyone makes it. Some people give in to the depression and hopelessness. But you did not. Yes you “failed” the IELTS three times, but you knew that did not make you a failure. It may have slowed you down, but it did not stop you. And you found what you needed.

Your needs were not limited to acquiring skills and competencies with the English language, and communication skills, but you needed something more than that.

You needed to build, within yourself, the knowledge and confidence that you could pass an English exam. I so appreciate that you acknowledged the emotional support that you received. For that is vitally important, but it is only half of what brought you to where you are. The reason why I remember you is because you worked hard, so very hard, on your assignments, on integrating feedback, on turning your weaknesses into strengths. And you attended as many speaking events as possible.

Passing the CELBAN on the First Attempt

It is an impressive thing to be able to pass the CELBAN on your first attempt. 

In doing so you proved that the CELBANPrep Method works, not because of the method itself, but because of the partnership between me as your teacher and you as the student. You, me and God.


But the amazing thing, A, is here you are two years later, taking the time to write to me to tell me that you have achieved a great accomplishment: you are a Graduate Nurse!

Once you complete your required hours in a Canadian Hospital you will be able to sit for the national board exam, and within a year you will be an RN! I smiled at that thought. Not only because you are so close to fulfilling your dream, but because you know and understand the importance of celebrating each and every milestone on your path!

Thank you so much for remembering me!

More than that, A, your story will inspire other IENs to continue on their individual paths.

As I come to the closing of this message I reread your words and ponder. You wrote,

“May God continue to shower you with more blessings! “

I think about how He guided me to create CELBANPrep. Why would creating an English course be so important to Him? Why would He guide me through the process?

When I started nobody knew who I was. I was just another person working in some office downtown. I was just some person riding on the bus. I was some lady in the line at the grocery store. Shrug. While I have  my own office now, I am still just some person riding on the bus and in line at the grocery store. That much hasn’t changed. What has changed is that I created this community of learning, a place where disenchanted and disillusioned people gather and walk away from with hope burning in their hearts, confidence in their step, knowing in their mind.

I read a quote today, about a young boy who in making a simple decision to pray impacted the lives of millions of people.

By doing simple things we make the world a better place.

Each one of us is like that little boy. Each one of us had the potential and ability to touch the lives of others. By doing simple things we make the world a better place. We lift the hearts of those who need it. We assist those with feeble knees. We bring a smile to the lips and hearts of family, friends, and strangers. Every day we have the capacity to make a difference.

And you, as a nurse, play such an important role in doing so for people experiencing the worst moments of their lives: when they are afraid, worried, anxious, grieving and in pain. You are there to comfort and bring relief.

You are on the errand of angels: where God needs you to be when He needs you to be there on His behalf.

I don’t really have the answer to why He would want me to create CELBANPrep, why an English class would be so important to Him, and why He chose me. But I do know that being a nurse is one of the most noble professions that is so direly needed in our sick and afflicted world, with our aging population.

At the end of the day we are all part of one family, and we need each other to accomplish those things God would have us do. It pleases me, so very much, to know that you are progressing on your path for in doing so I know He is with you.

In Spirit,


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