♫ I thought that it is impossible to fix .. You are the only one who told me how to fix it

Dear T,

I wanted to take a moment to comment on your writing [for your CELBAN writing tutoring]. I enjoyed reading this. I love to travel too. I am sorry your mother was sick, when you went home. But I am certain she was glad to have you there when she was not feeling well.
In your writing I can see that a weakness is with phrases. You will want to spend some time learning collocations, verbal phrases and other phrases. See the links for advanced grammar and speaking resources. See if you can access these.
Have a great weekend!

Young Woman Standing with Arms Stretched OutDear Kim,

thank you for such a warm word about my mother; it is amazing, you have a special touch for everyone.

Anyways, all these collocations and verbal phrases are so big headache for me that I even haven’t paid a serious attention for them. I thought that it is impossible to fix it, I thought that it comes only with time..

You are, actually, the only one who told me how to fix it. I have ordered  “Verbal Phrases” book and I looking forward to start working on my mistakes.

Thank you for a great supervising:)!



Dear T,

 Nothing is impossible to fix! Every thing is a matter of learning. Yes some things take more time than other things, other things less. If you learn one phase per day, you will have 365 new phrases by the end of the year! In 5 years you will have almost 2000 more phrases and collocations!
I once had a professor who said, “Learning the language is 80% of the job.” Maybe he meant academic kind of jobs because when it comes to the medical profession skills are important. But the meaning is true: knowing the language is not just about grammar and vocabulary but phrases and collocations; know the discipline specific phrases advances your career. This is the difference between someone at an intermediate stage and someone at an advanced stage.
I am working with someone like you who worked with her phrases and collocations in lessons 1-4 and is now learning the medical collocations in lessons 5-8. We are learning so much, together!
I love your excitement and motivation for learning! I am certain you and I will get along just fine!
As for the warm words about your mother, you let me into your life and heart, it is easy to let you into mine.

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