♦Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles.

Hi Kim,
Thank you again. You made the  right in decision in choosing Dia as one of your coach. And I wanted to say thank you also to her.
I failed in Celban before, but I said I’m going to try again. And when I enrolled in your class, I know I will be learning all that I needed to pass the exam. It was indeed an experience.
I didn’t meet you in person yet, just once during the webinar session but I will say it again, I know you know it already, and a lot of IEN’s have told you this, but you are such a very trust worthy person. Thank you for this kind of review that you have. This is the answer to our search for something that can help us to go to the very first step of attaining our goal in this country. Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles. This is just my first step, but I know I am going there.. It is still a long process but I will never give up.
When CELAS gave me a seat for the exam I grab it and  a week before, I go through all your e-mails in my inbox … I don’t know but I needed something where I can get more strength and I ask to HIM to please give it to me this time.
God bless your pure and kind heart Kim. More power to your staff. Please dont get tired but I know your job is not easy and you get tired too. I pray for you,.. More strength and healthy body and more dreams to be fulfilled in your life and your love ones. Kim, every knowledge or information that you share and teach is an enlightenment for me..
Thank you, thank you so much. I will keep in touch with you, by making sure that every IEN’s that I meet they must have to know you and your team.
You take care always and thank you so much Kim.

MP900443572Dear H,

Thank you for the affirmation about hiring Dia [as a Writing Coach]. It was an easy choice, really! But I am glad that you have confirmed this to be a wise choice. I appreciate your comment about my trustworthiness. This is very important to me: there are too many people wanting to take advantage of immigrants; there are too many people online creating scams, with the only intention to hurt or steal from others. Yet it is amazing to me when I get emails from people who accuse me of doing such things. “Really,” I wonder. “Have you ever interacted with me? Have you worked with me? Have you attended online sessions?” When it happens, which is rare, I think about people like you who have been so very positive and so very encouraging and so very appreciative. 
Your thank yous are so appreciated as I embark on creating a new course for listening, to be followed by one for reading. Only this time it is for Internationally Educated Health Professionals! I am smiling with delight thinking of how many more people I can help fulfill their dreams of life in Canada with a smoother transition! 
I love your statement, ” I will keep in touch with you, by making sure that every IEN’s that I meet they must have to know you and your team.” I am smiling with my eyes! That is pure delight. I am so happy to know you will stay in touch, either through the people that come to me from your referral or from the delight of getting messages from you! 
I have loved having you attend the online sessions, so please come if you can! It has been a delight and pure joy knowing you!


3 responses to “♦Thank you for understanding our pains and struggles.

  1. Hi Honey-Laine,

    When I first saw your name, I liked it. Your name means ‘sweet’ as you are! Thank you for your wishes Honey! Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family as well! It must have been a real thanksgiving day for you, was it? With such a big success, is not that hard to find a reason to be thankful for. Most of all, I think, your faith in God is even stronger, now that He answered your prayer and you’ve passed the exam. CONGRATULATIONS! It is the first step. I believe what you’ve said, “but I will never give up”. Please do not! You are a type of person that God likes it; remember: what you begin, you have to finish! I know you are aware of this and I’m really glad to know you!

    May God give you power and strength to finish this process and to fulfill your dream.
    If you will need more encouragement along the way, please feel free to contact me and I will be closer to you, the way I can.


  2. Honey-laine Awingan

    Hi Kim and Dia,

    How are you? I just wanted to greet you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Please continue to be an inspiration and a great help to all the IEN’s around the world. Our guiding path in preparing and passing our Celban exam, that is the very first step for us to fulfill our dream to become a canadian nurse.

    God bless you always! Have a great Thanksgiving Day!


    • Dear Honey-Laine,

      Thank you for your message. It touched my heart deeply. I appreciate you taking a moment to write. Thank you for your words and support!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

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