♥ I’m still struggling with my grammar


I’m really sorry if I’m still struggling with my grammar. I will keep on reading online lectures to succeed. Again,thank you. M

Smiling woman portrait.


I just wrote something to R that I want to share it with you:
Learning is a process of awareness.
  1. First we become aware that we do not know how to do something.
  2. Then we work hard to learn how to do it correctly.
  3. Eventually, with enough practice, we get to the point where we are doing it correctly without even realizing it.

You are in the middle stage. With some time, you will learn. I have seen it happen again and again and again.

So I have faith in you, and have the patience required to keep you on track ~ as long as you continue practicing and trying. 
Have a great day!
M, I don’t give up on people until they give up on themselves. And even then, I keep trying to encourage them.


You are a very good teacher. Eventhough I haven’t seen you or often talk to you…still you made a difference with your encouraging words. As you know english is not my first language although I must admit that Filipinos are quite good with english,still grammar is our weakness. I may be having a hard time learning but I am willing and I will do anything to fulfill my goals. Kim, you are one of a kind. I had a lot of english teachers but you are UNIQUE…why? You never gave up and I think you will never will. THANK YOU!

I am now on Lesson 6, with your help…I getting through. When I started I finished the task for 19 minutes and now, 16 minutes…phew! Thank you….I will be forever grateful.



Dear M

Thank you for your kind words. I am staring at the screen with my chin cradled in my hands. I have no idea how to reply.
First, I want to give credit to all the nurses who have taken CELBANPrep before you, and who have helped me to develop this successful method. It is from them that I learned the compassion that motivates my patience and tenacity. It is because they shared their stories that I will never give up. (Now your story will be added to theirs.)
Second, I want to thank you for your humility. I have met many Filipino nurses preparing for the CELBAN, some who are over confident and can not admit that grammar is a weakness. Your humility allows you to be teachable.
Third, I want to acknowledge all the prayers and blessing requested on my behalf from people around the world, or various religious and traditions. I know that I am sustained in what I am doing because of these special spiritual gifts.
C0UP0NSmAs for your progress: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so impressed! From writing in 19 minutes to 16 minutes is amazing! You prove that my methods are effective in teaching people how to write a report in 20 minutes, the amount of time given for CELBAN Writing. You also prove that practice, practice, practice is the key to developing this test taking strategy. I am so very impressed! You have come so far in just 6 lessons/6 weeks! And it is all because of your hard work.
M, I am smiling now. All of my life I have wanted to make a difference in the world. In reading your message and writing this reply, I know that I am making a difference; that touches me deeply.
Again, thank you for taking the time to express your kind words.
Have a sun shiny day!
With a smile,

One response to “♥ I’m still struggling with my grammar

  1. Dear M
    I have been a student of Kim. You are so very right! she is unique indeed. She is Gods gift to IE N’s. Morality and spirituality are the qualities that truly define someone. Kim has and will always do her level best to shadow her students on a path that leads to success and only success.

    Good luck M.

    Regards R

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