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♥ Have a good year and be courageous!

Over the Christmas holiday I sent an e-mail to one of the subscribers to CELBANPrep. I asked her to write a few words of encouragement to people taking the CELBAN. Today I opened my e-mail to read this wonderful message.

Yes, my pleasure.
 When I first found CelbanPrep on the internet searching materials about Celban, I was interested to see what is it. Then, reading further and seeing possibilities to buy the materials, I doubted at the begining being afraid to buy. But then, it was a really good price (on sale), and I said,” Why not? Let’s try and take advantage of this price!” And I did it.
After I bought it, I was so surprized to see how many e-mail-s I’ve got from Kim with lessons and explanations about CelbanPrep. She leadeth me step by step through this path and now surprisingly, I’ve got her as a friend not only as a teacher.
So, who ever wants to buy material about CelbanPrep from Kim, take courage and take advantage of it (she makes so many sales). The prices are convenient and you’ll be satisfied with CelbanPrep. Don’t hesitate to buy,
you won’t be tricked, but treated!!!
She helps you more then you expect and she has patience and is a very good teacher.
 Have a good year and be courageous!
NOTE: To other subscribers any comments? KK

Surviving Winter in Canada

Dear Friend,

Time and time again I have met people, through CELBANPrep, who have arrived in Canada: some in the middle of the summer, some in the dead of winter, some who have been in Canada for some time.

Some people arrive, being greeted by family or friends, others by employers. Some people come before the rest of the family: seeking housing and employment. Others come alone.

Many come from warm climates like the Philippines, India, Mexico, South America and Oceana. Some come from Europe, and have experienced snow but very few have experienced the cold we have here in Canada.

Some people are fortunate to settle along the coast in British Columbia. These people have the easiest time adapting to the climate in Canada, as it is mild with very little snow. Others experience an abundance of snow, with cold but mild winters: in southern Ontario and Quebec. But those who settle in the Prairie cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg will experience deep cold and alarming wind chills. This is also true for people settling in northern communities in many of the provinces.

The question is how to survive the winter in Canada?

In October, 2011, I was with a friend who had arrived form the Philippines only months before. It was night, and she was cold. She asked if it was going to get any colder. I realized that she was not prepared for what was to come. I took her shopping. As I did I taught her about how the cold impacts our bodies physiologically. I taught her about insulation, how it works, and the different kinds of fabrics. Then I took her to look at the different styles of boots, hats, scarves, gloves and mittens. At the end of the day I was satisfied that I had taught her all that all that I knew, all that I had learned about surviving winter in Canada. I felt confident that although she would still have to acclimatize to winter in Canada, she would be prepared as well as she could be. I hoped that eventually she would be able to enjoy the joys of winter: skating, skiing, and making snowmen.Spending time with my friend inspired me to write this book for you.

This is my hope for you, that you may know how to prepare yourself and your family so that you too can enjoy the treasures of winter life in Canada.

I hope you enjoy my book, Surviving Winter in Canada.



How do I pay for CELBANPrep Bundle?

Dear Kim,

How do I pay for CELBANPrep Bundle? M.

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How is your subscription to CELBANPrep an investment?

Dear IEN,

Subscribing to CELBANPrep is an investment in your future. CELBANPrep has been created as a resource to assist you in your licensure process allowing you to become a nurse quicker and cheaper as compared to preparing for the CELBAN alone.

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Can I pay program fee by VISA Gift card?

Dear Sir / Madam
I would like to register for the below CELBAN program, I am wondering to know if I can pay program fee by VISA Gift card, if yes please let me know how, (I found max. $100 VISA gift card and I need to buy 3, would you please just let me know how I can pay by 3 gift cards?)
Thanks for your consideration.


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♥ How to make more money

In speaking to an Internationally Educated Nurse, recently, she mentally calculated the difference between how much she would have been making as an LPN compared to how much she was making, over three past three years. Over 3 years she was making $5/hour less than she would have if she had become an LPN earlier:

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