♥ How to make more money

In speaking to an Internationally Educated Nurse, recently, she mentally calculated the difference between how much she would have been making as an LPN compared to how much she was making, over three past three years. Over 3 years she was making $5/hour less than she would have if she had become an LPN earlier:

  • $5/hr x 4o hr/wk = $200/wk
  • $200/wk x 52 wks/yr = $10, 400/yr
  • $10, 400/yr x 3 yrs = $31, 200

It was painful for her to realize that her decision cost her $31, 000!

The same type of calculation can be made for a person wanting to be an RN, except there are two stages of income:

  1. graduate nurse, at ~ $25/hr
  2. RN, starting at ~$35/hr

People who work on their English, taking the exam and passing it, can potentially become a graduate nurse within a year or two. That means that within one or two years they can potentially be earning  more money. Within another year, to pass the CRNE, they can be making even more as an RN.

But that is not all. An RN’s income can be increased by the following factors:

  • working evenings,
  • working weekends, and
  • a variety of other factors!

However, some people have difficulty in managing time effectively. Often family responsibilities, pregnancy, and ailing parents back home make it difficult for some to focus on themselves, their careers, and improving their English. Multiplied by how long it takes a person to get past this stage, this can be a great loss in income.

Making more money sooner means finding the resources and support that allows you to be able to dedicate time to preparing for the English exam.

The more time it takes for you to pass the English exam, the greater the loss of income. To make more money, commit to preparing for the CELBAN and improving your English.


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