How do I pay for CELBANPrep Bundle?

Dear Kim,

How do I pay for CELBANPrep Bundle? M.

Dear M.  If you are anything like me, you are a bit skeptical, leary or afraid of making payments on-line. Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft is rampant, on-line. Having gone to multiple workshops on preventing Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud it was important that I use the most secure methods of payment available for on-line transactions.

Having done a great deal of research I have chosen two of the most secure methods of making payments on-line: Interac On-lin Money Transfers and Pay Pal. Read More

You may already know about Interac Money Transfers, using them to send money back home, but I will tell you a little about why I chose each of these methods.

Interac On-Line Money Transfers

When a friend transferred money to me using Interac On-line I knew it was an answer to a prayer.

Interac On-line is the most secure way of making a payment on-line. Why? Because your sensitive personal information stays in the security of the bank! Transfers are bank to bank using e-mails as a communication tool. I do not receive any of your personal information: I kinda like that. You can make a transaction using Interac with confidence.

You must have an account with one of the Canadian Banks.

Pay Pal

Using Pay Pal is the second option. Pay Pal is used by millions of vendors on the internet because Pay Pal has a very secure site. Like with the banks, I do not have to create a secure site, or handle any of your sensitive information. All of your banking information stays with Pay Pal. There are two options with Pay Pal:

Pay Pal works like a bank, when creating a Pay Pal Account. Once you enter the infrmation the first time, you can make payments simply by using your e-mail address and password. You do not need to enter banking information again. Once you have an account you can use it on any site that uses Pay Pal.

Alternatively, you can pay on-line using your Credit Cards through Pay Pal. Here your transaction is created on a secure site, none of your information is shared with merchants like IEPC.

Hopefully learning more about security on-line will allow you to be more confident in making purchases on-line.

If you do not have a credit card, you can use a credit card gift card or  get a friend to purchase an Amazon Gift Card for you.


P.S. Please note that the level of security on a site is increased by the security features of your anti-virus program. Ensure that your computer is protected with Identity Theft protection

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