I found preparation courses are quite expensive.

Dear Kim,
I would like to take a celban test. I found preparation courses are quite expensive. Therefore, I would like to know the special offer time, so that I can purchase that course.


Dear T,

It is true, taking courses in Canada is extremely expensive. There are several reasons for this:


  • the amount of time it takes to create a course;
  • the cost of materials and resources required to create a course;
  • the salary for the person developing the course, and for the person teaching the course;
  • the cost of location: the classroom, electricity, internet, custodians;
  • the amount of time it takes to teach and to mark assignments;
  • advertising costs;
  • the number of students; and
  • travel expenses and lodging for facilitators, if applicable.

Workshops, that are shorter in length, often have fewer costs unless travel is required. But the information shared is broad and not deep.

Courses, that are longer in length, have higher costs but the information shared and opportunity for learning is deep.

In determining the fees for CELBANPrep, all of these things were taken into consideration. How much other institutions charge for similar courses was also considered. For this reason CELBANPrep resources are available at different prices depending on what you are buying: a course, a workshop, a practice exam or a study guide. The prices range from $399 for a two month course to $4.99 for a study guide.

However, it is important to consider the method of delivery. Having CELBANPrep resources available online, as e-resources, decreases the costs tremendously. There is no cost for publishing books, and there is no overhead for location. For this reason I am able to do what other institutions are not able to do: create monthly sales.

Having two sales per month allows me to be considerate of the people wanting to take my courses. I am able to integrate compassion and understanding for the fact that many IENs come to Canada obtain survival jobs at minimum wage, while others are unemployed staying home to take care of children. I am able to consider that most people I meet are underemployed. I am also able to consider the fact that so many people I know send money back home to support family there. As a person who values the importance of global development, viewing this as a role and responsibility for being born in Canada, my goal is to provide resources at a reasonable price, while taking care of costs and my own family. So I have two sales each month.

These sales happen twice a month, with notices sent via e-mail to people who have signed up for How to Prepare for the CELBAN, and on Twitter and Facebook for everyone else.

I hope that this helps to make CELBAN preparation more affordable, allowing you to progress with your dream of life in Canada while balancing your responsibilities to your self and your family.



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