📱My question is, “Is CELBAN a paper and pen type of exam?”

Updated 2023

Hello Kim,

I am so glad that I found your page discussing about CELBAN. Well I am so clueless with this examination but I had so many exam in IELTS. Let me begin by giving you a brief introduction of myself, I am an RN in the Philippines and aspiring to become RN here in Canada. At present I am working as a caregiver… I came here last year July. Just like other aspiring nurses, My passion to become an RN here is immeasurable, however since I am not a native English speaker, english exam is a must. Here are some of my scores in IELTS under Academic training:

Listening 7.5
Reading. 8.0
Writing. 7.0 (6.5)
Speaking.7.0 (6.5)

You might be wondering why I have so many scores in speaking and writing, that is because my scores in those areas are not consistent but if you would notice all my objective exam I am pretty stable, with my writing I know I get into trouble probably because my writing is a bit small, so you cannot discern letter A, E, O 🙂 with speaking idk, generally I would have 7.0 sometimes 6.5. With my scores you think i’ll have a chance in passing the CELBAN? I still don’t know how it goes.
My question is is CELBAN a paper and pen type of exam esp. on the writing per se? I did not came across with this info. Just want to thank you first and foremost for spearheading this tutorials that is very very important to people like me 🙂 thank you for your your persistence in making people’s dream come true in your own special way. Way to go!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Dear Mary,

Thank you for your email, and for the details. In reading your email you have much to be proud about. While your score is not quite high enough to be accepted by the college of nurse, it is tremendous and much higher than many others. 
It is quite common for people to have variable scores on the same exam. This makes it tremendously difficult to assume that because you get a certain score, you will be able to obtain that score again. 

Before January 2021

If you were writing the CELBAN in Canada in a live Face to Face…

If your handwriting is an issue, it would have been important to spend 30 minutes a day writing, and focusing on writing with larger lettering. Over time, and with practice, it would become natural to you to write larger. Handwriting is important, when considering the CELBAN, as the exam was pen and paper. It was not administered via computer. Only the listening exam and parts of reading do not require writing as the questions are multiple-choice. 

As of 2021

The CELBAN is available online

So, if you are taking the CELBAN CBT, the computer-based test, online you can do this with a proxy from your own home computer or a locally approved testing centre. You can get more information about that from the official CELBAN website: www.celbancentre.ca.

When it comes to your experience with the IELTS versus the CELBAN

Considering your situation you may want to read:
In reading your writing I am confident in your ability to pass the CELBAN with a little direction and instruction. Like those who wrote these messages to me, your writing and grammar are strong and I predict that you would progress quickly if you took the Grammar Essentials (CELBANPrep Silver) then focused on timing and organization with Wonderful Writing (CELBANPrep GOLD.)
Back to School (3)
Either way, whether you are taking a written exam or not, if others are having difficulty in reading your writing, don’t you think it is important to correct that?
For example, how would you feel if the care of a patient you had been looking after experienced an incident where their health and safety was impacted because other health professionals could not read what you wrote when you did the charting? It is still your responsibility to be able to communicate clearly, in English, whether you are required to take a written exam or not. Agreed?
One more thing. I just got to the end of your email and read, “Just want to thank you first and foremost for spearheading this tutorials that is very very important to people like me 🙂 thank you for your your persistence in making people’s dream come true in your own special way. Way to go!!!”
I smiled. Thank you for recognizing what I have done, and how important it is to me to support people in obtaining their dreams. I can tell you, Mary, I hope you do subscribe to CELBANPrep as I would enjoy walking along you on your path to success as a nurse one step at a time! 
You have a wonderful day as well! 

2 responses to “📱My question is, “Is CELBAN a paper and pen type of exam?”

  1. Mary Drean Macalalad

    I am happy to see my letter here Kim 🙂 and I am getting excited to be working with you 😀

    • Oh Mary,
      You made my day! Thank you!
      You are an inspiration to many, and will touch the lives of even more!
      As you say, “More Power!”
      🙂 Kim

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