Take CELBAN instead of IELTS. Because CELBAN is more on medical thing.

Hello Kim,
I’m doing fine since yesterday and curious about what’s CELBAN is all about. That’s why it’s a priveledge to know that you’re offering free about CELBAN  and I’m very thank you for that. Well come in here in Surrey it’s nice to hang out.
Talking about me, I’m from Philippines a nurse back home. I’ve been here in Canada for almost 2 years. And been living here in Surrey as my first stop.I took CLB and IELTS already when I was only 2 mos here  (Nov/ Dec 2012 ) and no preparation did that’s why I got a low score. In CLB my score was only  6 and my IELTS score only 5.5. That time I was pressured, in a hurry and don’t know what to do. And of course I’m still adopting the english language and culture here. When I got that low score, I put to my self to forget that exam and enjoy learning new things here in Canada. Now it’s already 2014 I think I am ready to face that challenge again because I’m prepared.  I do a lot self study about IELTS. Then I met a new friend who is a nurse back home too and already get her license here Canada. And advise me to take CELBAN instead of IELTS. Because CELBAN is more on medical thing. J

MP900438875Dear J,

Thank you for your email. Thank you for taking time to write, and let me know a little about yourself. Please write to your friend, and thank her for me. If it was not for her advice about the CELBAN I would not meet you! And you would not be back on your path of your dream of being a nurse in Canada. You need to hold onto dreams like that or they will slip out of your hands. And when they slip out of your hands, then you will lose all hope. Life without hope, is pretty dim, as you already know. So this time, hold onto that dream for dear life!
It is 2014, and it is time. It is time to decide. It is time to prepare. It is time to reach. It is time to obtain. It is time.
The good thing, is that you have not wasted your last two years! Because the CELBAN is the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses, it is good that you, ” enjoy learning new things here in Canada.” Although you may not realize it, living life in Canada and learning the culture is an important part of begin able to pass the CELBAN. Many people coming to Canada fail the exam when they take it right after arriving, because they do not know the culture, the cultural implications in communication, and the cultural implications in nursing. So, go out and celebrate how much you have learned these past two years, that will help you to pass the exam!
Here are some links about people who took both the IELTS and the CELBAN, but please note they came to me with a 7 in writing so it may take you more time to get the same results:

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