!! I passed my first Celban attempt!

Hi there, Kim!

Well, it’s sunny and cloudy as to where I  today. But I’m loving it!

I came to Canada about a year ago, took IELTS September of 2013 but failed half a point short in my writing subtest in fulfillment of becoming a nurse here. Now, I am preparing for my Celban which will be in couple weeks time.

I took a review with one of the universities here last year and now I need to brush up on some techniques. Do you have by any chance a good deal with your study guide to share with me?

Many thanks! And I hope to hear from you again.


Dear A,

Did you do an institutional version of the CELBAN in your course? Do you have the scores? Your writing seems strong, and you are probably strong in the other skills as well.
When is your exam, exactly? While I am sending you free resources, remember they have been created to help you to learn three things:
  1. What to expect on the CELBAN.
  2. How to do a self evaluation for writing and speaking.
  3. What to expect from CELBANPrep.

This is only a start. CELBANPrep has many other resources to help you to prepare. To learn about these resources please go to www.celbanprep.info. (These are the one’s you would pay for.) Here you will find out about the CELBANPrep Study Bundle which is on sale for 60% off, only $19.99, for National Nursing Week. Click here for a coupon: http://www.celbanprep.info/celbanprep-coupons.

Seeing as this is your first time, then it is OK for you to take the exam at this time, but consider what I have written here: WARNING: Avoid The CELBAN Trap!. Because if you have 6 or more weeks, I would like to work with you on writing and speaking… if you have enough time. People with your skills in writing wrote the following:

It is up to you really, depending on how much time you have. Either way, please let me know how you do so I can celebrate you passing! 🙂


Hi there, Kim!

Do you remember when i purchased the Celban prep [study] bundle two weeks before my exam? I would like to tell you that I passed my first Celban attempt!

Your materials really helped me a lot. And a little focus and concentration during the test. Thanks! A

NOTE: The CELBANPrep Study Bundle is for reading and listening.


Fireworks ShowDear A,

Thank you so much for your message and taking time to write to me! I am so touched AND impressed!
I am glad that I was able to help you to prepare and feel more comfortable with the format of the exam. Knowing how to focus and concentrate on the reading and listening pasts of the exam, especially the listening, is paramount!
I am so very pleased with your success!

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