I have booked for Celban test … I have only two weeks left

Dear Kim,

Hope you are fine.. I am really interested in this deal.. But, I have some doubts. I have booked for Celban test on 21st November, so I have only two weeks left. I have read that this deal is a 4 lesson-4 weeks and 8 lesson- 8 weeks course, may I know if I could access these in 4 days and 8 days?? Moreover May I know whether you would correct my writings and give me feed back, and also I would like to know how speaking lessons take place. Would you please reply to my concern as soon as possible.. because I have a very few days left for my exam.. Waiting to hearing from you soon.

Thanking You. S

Dear S,

Thank you for writing. I am glad that everything is now working for you and you have built your confidence in CELBANPrep through the Reading and Listening Study Bundle. (If you had not already done so I would be recommending you check out these resources because you can use them in a short time frame.)Β  I also appreciate that you have read enough to know CELBANPrep Writing is 8 weeks and CELBANPrep Speaking is 4 weeks. If you can believe it when I began CELBANPrep it was actually 25 weeks, and the intensive was 12 weeks. Through various versions it has become 8 weeks for writing and 4 weeks for speaking but this is as far as I can go when it comes to shortening it. The reason is that it takes time and practice to develop the test taking strategies for the exam. Having your writing examined by a writing coach and receiving feedback on your weaknesses so that you can increase your score by turning them into strengths is built into CELBANPrep Writing with the Writing Tutoring.Β  But with your exam in less than 2 weeks that does not give us enough time. There are two options:

  1. Write the exam: focus on your grammar by using advance grammar books, and read examples of writing reports on Dear Kim writing reportsΒ Β  orΒ  Writing Sample for CELBAN. After you take the exam you will be given information on your strengths and weaknesses and this will inform your preparations for the next time you take the exam.
  2. Postpone your exam. It may cost you money to postpone your exam, but then you have more time to prepare. This is especially important for people who have already taken the exam once or twice because you are only allowed to take the exam 3 times, and your exam will expire in 2 years. With the exam expiring in 2 years, you need to have one chance available at that time. So you really only have two attempts to pass the exam now.

For information about how the courses work please go to www.writing.celbanprep.info and www.speaking.celbanprep.info. Lessons are delivered by e-mail one lesson per week. They contain assignments for you to do at home. For writing: assignments are posted online, and reviewed by a writing coach. For speaking: you get to attend Conference Calls. These calls are live and online, occurring once a month. You can attend as many times as you want.

When you consider all of the one-on-one support you receive, it really is worth the price and the time spent. Over 95% of the people, who take CELBANPrep Writing and Speaking and actively engaging in assignments, pass the exam. Read their testimonials here.

So, S, you have a decision to make. I have provided you with a great deal of information. I hope that this helps you to make an informed decision. Either way, I am here to help you to reach your goal of becoming a nurse in Canada.

Please let me know what you decide. I support you either way.



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